The Minions of Ka

The Minions of Ka  is a graphic novel series. In the series, The Great Fire of London, The Great Fire of London, and The Black Plague , are attempts to cover up the attacks of the undead.

Publication history

The Minions of Ka  Series was created in 2007 by Dave Wilbur, Michael Furno, and Michael Ahearn, collectively Zombie Omega, Inc., and the first book was released in August 2008 at DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia. The first  Minions  project was managed by Christian Beranek , features interior art by Chris Moreno and Mario Boon, and was edited by horror author Jack Ketchum , who also contributed  The Western Dead  , an original short story based on the  Minions of Ka  series.  [1]  The cover is by artist Ken Kelly .

The company’s trailer for its first offering in the series, voiced by Academy Award-nominated actor Danny Aiello , can be viewed on YouTube.  [2]

Book Two in  The Minions of Ka  series Was slated for release in 2010. The second book Delves Even Deeper into the lore of Ka and the influence of His Presence HAS HAD history we have we  do not  know it; including the source of Haitian voodoo , what happened to the Jamestown Colony , and what Madam Curie was researching when she won her second Nobel Prize.


Zombie Omega, has signed a movie option with Ahmet Zappa and Christian Beranek of Monsterfoot Productions, Inc.  [3]


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