The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves

The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves  [1]  was an American supernatural – anthology comic book published by Charlton Comics , often featuring stories by writer-artist Steve Ditko . The eponymous  Dr. MT Graves  was a fictional character who hosted the stories in each issue of this title.

Sister titles, with many of the same creators, particularly Ditko, were the anthton  Ghost Manor  anthologies (with host Mr. Bones) and his successor,  Ghostly Haunts  (with Winnie the Witch);  Ghostly Tales  (with Mr. Dedd); and  Haunted  (with Impy and then Baron Weirwulf).

The series won the 1967 Alley Award for Best Fantasy / SF / Supernatural Title.

Publication history

Following his introduction as Dr. MT Graves in Charlton’s Comics ‘  Ghostly Tales  # 55 ( cover-dated May 1966) in the three-page story “The Ghost Fighter” by writer-artist Ernie Bache ,  [2]  the character went on to host his own anthology title,  The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves  . The series ran 72 issues (May 1967 – May 1982), mostly published bimonthly. Following issue # 60 (Jan. 1977), the title went on hiatus for seven months until issue # 61 (Aug. 1977) before being canceled with # 65 (May 1978). Charlton revived the title three years later with # 66 (May 1981)  [3]

Three additional issues simply reprinted, and titled simply  Dr. Graves  , were published as issues # 73-75 (Sept. 1985 – Jan. 1986).  [4]

Among the artists whose work was Steve Ditko , following his fall-out with Marvel Comics ; newcomer Jim Aparo , later to be one of Batman ‘s signature artists; regular Charlton talents including Vince Alascia , Pat Boyette , Pete Morisi , Rocke Mastroserio , and Charles Nicholas ; and such others as Rich Larson , Don Newton and Tom Sutton . The cover of issue # 54 (Dec. 1975) marks one of the earliest professional works of John Byrne .

Writers on the title included Ditko, Steve Skeates , Mike Pellowski , and the prolific, uncredited staff writer Joe Gill .  [3]


The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves  won the 1967 Alley Award for Best Fantasy / SF / Supernatural Title.  [5]


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