The Legion of Night

The Legion of Night  is a fictional organization in the Marvel Comics universe . They were dedicated to opposing occult threats. The group was composed of Ariann Wight, Dr. Chan Liuchow, Dr. Katherine Reynolds, Martin Gold, Jennifer Kale , and Omen / Charles Blackwater. Later, Omen brought private investigator Leena Wolfe onto the team, but she has not been shown in action.

The group was created by Steve Gerber and Whilce Portacio .

Publication history

Dr. Chan Liuchow was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby , first appearing in  Strange Tales  # 89, the discoverer and original opponent of Fin Fang Foom , who in the group’s eponymous two-issue mini-series format , became possessed by a demon , Aan Taanu.

Gerber had previously introduced Dr. Katherine Reynolds as a supporting character to Daimon Hellstrom in  Marvel Spotlight  # 14, and Martin Gold as a supporting character to Lilith, Daughter of Dracula in  Vampire Tales  # 6, while Jennifer Kale debuted in  Adventure into Fear  # 11 , which was Gerber’s first story for Marvel. The other members of the team were specifically introduced for the series.

Man-Thing appeared in the series, but only in a vision, in which the normally mute and non-sentient character was able to speak to Jennifer.

Gerber issued interest in writing about the characters again, but Marvel has not. The only follow-up to the initial prestige size limited series Was a backup story in  Midnight Sons Unlimited  # 9.


The story of the limited series deals with the suicide of Charles Blackwater, whose soul is morphed into Omen, and the visions of Dr. Katherine Reynolds, now a patient in a mental institution, who keeps saying “Fin Fang Foom.” Reynolds, who had previously been working with Daimon Hellstrom , had been raised by a group of people in the past.  [1]

Jennifer Kale, now in college and living with an overweight boyfriend, Bernard Drabble, has been used in the “birth” of Quagmire through Man-Thing in  Marvel Comics Presents  Vol 1 # 29), After all, it’s easy to feel comfortable, and receives encouragement from Man-Thing when she dreams that she is sitting next to her on an airplane.  [2]

In China, Dr. Chan is trying to explain that it is a new part of the prophecy of Fin Fang Foo that he has recently uncovered. In New York, Martin Gold is now working for a paranormal magazine, having previously done hard journalism. He has rethought his life after his relationship with Angel O’Hara and his possession by Lilith.  [3]

Omen summons the team to Charles Atwater, whom Omen had recently resurrected in order to take control of his body.  [4]

Blackwater was forced to commit suicide by a customer trainer, The Beyond Reason Spiritual Fellowship, which was resurrecting their hedonistic god, Aan Tanu, through the body of Fin Fang Foom. The Fellowship was based on a rare religious tome of its male leader, Reeve Calder, believed to be a hoax. Its female leader, Hildreth, with Aan Tanu to create a demonic child. Ariann, however, rips the child out of her womb and kills it.  [5]


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