The Dark Horse Book of …

The Dark Horse Book of … Was the banner title Given to a series of four Dark Horse Comics one-shot hardcover comic book horror anthologies edited by Scott Allie and featuring the work of Mike Mignola and others.


The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings

This first volume was published on August 27, 2003 and featured by Mike Mignola’s New Devil’s Footprints story, a Victorian ghost story by Gary Gianni, and an interview with real-life medium session LL Dreller . [1] [2]

In his introduction to Scott Scott Allie states that he has loved anthologies for a long time he can remember that the theme for this anthology came from the Hellboy story about a haunted house by Mike Mignola works of Randy Stradler and others. [3]

Jill Thompson won the 2004 “Best Painter / Multimedia Artist (Interior)” Eisner Award for Stray in this collection.

title Creators
  • Story: Mike Richardson
  • Art: P. Craig Russell
Mike sends young Jake into a condemned house on a bet and he gets to the bottom of the house.
Dr. Carp’s Experiment Story & Art: Mike Mignola
Hellboy travel to Long Island , New York in 1991, to be investigated Master of the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra, Dr. Carp, who vanished in 1902. In a secret basement room Hellboy uncovers the remains of the doctors experiments and the source of the haunting.
Thurnley Abbey
  • Story: Perceval Landon
  • Art: Gary Gianni
Alastair Colvin relates to the narrator, while traveling to the East by train and mail boat, a terrifying spectral encounter he had at the country home of John Broughton, the eponymous Thurnley Abbey, who has left her to sleep alone.
This Small Favor
  • Story: Scott Allie
  • Art: Paul Lee , Brian Horton
Mr. And Mrs. In the face of an exorcist Mr. Waite to their homeland of a ghostly inhabitant who has caused the death of several people.
Forever Story & Art: Uli Oesterle
Anthony finds his life in a magical tattoo that continues to grow after the tattooist, Cheng Lee, as he flees.
The House on the Corner
  • Story: Milton Freewater, Jr.
  • Art: Lucas Marangan
A skeptical young boy, who dismisses the Dark Horse Book of Hauntings because he does not believe in ghosts, is given a guided tour of the local haunted house by a mysterious stranger in white.
Spirit Rescue Interviewer: Scott Allie
Editor Scott Allie conducts an in-depth interview with Larry L. Dreller, who is an author and practicing session medium with the First Spiritual Science Church, in which they discuss the history, practice and beliefs of spiritualism .
Lies, Death and Olfactory Delusions
  • Story: Randy Stradler
  • Art: Paul Chadwick
After a spectral encounter with Larry, a deceased classmate known for his bad smell, a young boy growing up in 1960s America is forced to question the nature of life or death.
  • Story: Evan Dorkin
  • Art: Jill Thompson
A group of neighborhood dogs summon the dog to help their friend Jack exorcise the spirit of trixie from his haunted kennel, but they must call in the help of the cat before they can finally get this dog house is clean.

The Dark Horse Book of Witchcraft

This second volume was published July 7, 2004 and featured a new Hellboy story by Mike Mignola and Stray by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson story, a classic witch by Clark Ashton Smith, Gary Gianni, and an interview with Wiccan High Priestess Phyllis Currott. [4] [5]

In the introduction editor Scott Allie states that he was once again influenced by Nathaniel Hawthorne , Lord Dunsany and Weird Tales (for whom Smith formly wrote). [6]

The volume was nominated for the 2004 “Favorite One-Shot” Fan Award Wizard and Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson won the 2005 “Best Short Story” Eisner Award for the unfamiliar story .

title Creators
  • Story: William Shakespeare
  • Art: Tony Millionaire
Artist Tony Millionaire adapted from the Shakespeare’s Three Witches’ “Macbeth” which includes the line, “Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and bubble cauldron,” and ends with, “By the pricking of my thumb something wicked this way comes. “
The Troll Witch Story & Art: Mike Mignola
Hellboy travels to Norway in 1963 to seek the help of the legendary troll witch, Who in her youth HAD ridden into the trolls ‘ den on the back of a goat armed only with a wooden spoon and defeated em, aim now the trolls-have returned and are hunting and killing once again.
Mother of Toads
  • Story: Clark Ashton Smith
  • Art: Gary Gianni
Young apothecary assistant Pierre Baudin is sent by his master to fetch a potent philtre from the witch Antoinette. But the repulsive hag uses her potions to seduce him.
The Flower Girl
  • Story: Scott Allie
  • Art: Paul Lee , Brian Horton
A girl pursues her misbehaving younger sister into a neighbor’s yard where she witnesses a witch’s witchcraft with her family and is struck by a curse that can only be lifted by passing it onto her sister.
The Gray-Gray Story & Art: Jim & Ruth Keegan
Charles of Marlborough, his wealthy planter in Louisiana 1838, is challenged by an accomplished duel and turns to a witch for help. But he spurns his offer of a gray-gray which he later comes to regret.
Golden Calf Blues
  • Story: Mark Ricketts
  • Art: Sean Philips
A young boy in Leviticus, Mississippi in 1936. He finds it while he plays it blue notes it can still entice the people to the town to abandon the church and its reverend.
The Truth About Witchcraft Interviewer: Scott Allie
Editor Scott Allie Conducts an in-depth interview with H.P’s Phyllis Currott, JD, who is an attorney, author, and practicing Wiccan High Priestess, in which they discuss the history, practice and beliefs of Wicca .
Salem and Mary Sibley Story & Art: Scott Morse
The infamous witch-trials of Salem, Massachusetts, of 1692 are sparked when the slave girl Tituba is visited by the ghost of Mary Sibley, who tells us what to say about the devilry afoot.
Unfamiliar Story
  • Story: Evan Dorkin
  • Art: Jill Thompson
When Jack’s Neighborhood becomes overrun by mysterious black cats, the familiars of newly arrived witches, the Wise Dog returns to help their demonic plan to summon Sekhmet and save the world.

The Dark Horse Book of the Dead

This third volume Was published June 1, 2005 and featured a new story by Mike Mignola Hellboy as well as a story by Goon creator Eric Powell and a classic tale by Conan the Barbarian creator Robert E. Howard illustrated by cover artist Gary Gianni. [7] [8]

In his introduction, editor Scott Allie states that it was supposed to be the last book in the series, as he thought he was pushing his luck with three, but greedier minds prevailed and a fourth would follow the writers and artists involved in the series. [9]

title Creators
The Hungry Ghosts Story & Art: Kelley Jones
Backwoodsman Jebediah Kyle is hunting in the woods pursued by the returning remains of the world when he stumbles across a party of illegal fur trappers working the remote areas where the authorities will not pursued them.
The Ghoul Story & Art: Mike Mignola
Hellboy and fellow BPRD agent Pauline Raskin travel to London in 1992 to hunt down ancient poetry reciting grave robber Edward Stokes who is at work in the city’s Hammersmith cemetery whilst His wife sits at home watching a puppet theater Production of Shakespeare ‘s ” Hamlet ” on TV
Old Garfield’s Heart
  • Story: Robert E. Howard
  • Art: Gary Gianni
The narrator travels with Doc. Blaine to visit Jim Garfield and old frontiersman who claims to be in love after receiving a heart from Lipan medicine man Ghost Man after a battle with the Comanche in 1874.
The Ditch
  • Story: David Crouse
  • Art: Todd Heman
A truck driver reassures his careless lifestyle and his relationship with his father after accidentally running a dog on a roadside ditch and driving on it.
Death Boy
  • Story: Bob Fingerman
  • Art: Roger Langridge
A teen goth wakes up in hospital after a suicide attempt goes wrong and finds death has passed on his powers to him meaningless he touches skin-to-skin will die.
The Wallace Expedition Story & Art: Eric Powell
Charles Oates, a member of the 1893 expedition to the Arctic , records the tragic events after he encounters an unnatural tree growing in the frozen waste and the members of the expedition start to be mysteriously murdered.
The Queen of Darkness Story & Art: Pat McEown
A young zombie slayer leaves his island retreat when he sees the signs and portents of the oncoming apocalypse but he is too late as the zombies have already gotten away from him.
Kago No Tori
  • Story: Jamie S. Rich
  • Art: Guy Davis
With Japan in turmoil, Lord Kaneto must protect his family from the machinations of a rival family who have made it to the world.
The Magicians
  • Story: Scott Allie
  • Art: Paul Lee , Brian Horton
The sound of a long dead sorcerer resurrects his father to learn the truth about his past, his father and his father.
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  • Story: Evan Dorkin
  • Art: Jill Thompson
The neighborhood of dogs canine corpse on the road and the road to escape the road to escape from the road.

The Dark Horse Book of Monsters

This fourth and final volume Was published December 13, 2006 and featured a new Hellboy story by Mike Mignola as well as Kurt Busiek and Keith Giffen ‘s homage to the great creature comics of Jack Kirby and a classic tale of South Seas horror by William Hope Hodgson illustrated by cover artist Gary Gianni. [10]

The volume was nominated for the 2007 “Favorite Foreign Comic Book or Graphic Novel of the Year” Ledger Award and Jill Thompson Won the 2007 “Best Painter / Multimedia Artist (Interior)” Eisner Award in part for the story A Dog and His Boy in this collection.


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