The Bond of Saint Marcel

The Bond of Saint Marcel is a six-issue comic book limited series published by the American company Archaia Studios Press . It was created and written by Jennifer Quintenz , with pencils by Christian Gossett .


For centuries, a mysterious order of priests has jealously guarded the secret of the Bond of Saint Marcel: a ritual occult that enabled priests of the Order to enslave vampires and use them as unwilling soldiers against their own kind. When 16-year-old Katherine Johnstone inherits an ancient family bookmark ring she is swept into a world of fatal secrets and a centuries-old quest for revenge. But with the ring, Kat has also inherited the power to command a vampire, and he may be her only hope of survival.


  • Eamann Innis: A powerful vampire bonded to the Johnstone family during the American Revolution , Eamann has been a slave of the family for over 200 years. He bears no love for the Johnstones.
  • Katherine (Kat) Johnstone: the youngest descend of Avrey Johnstone, the Colonel American Revolution who originally bonded Eamann into service. The black-sheep of her family, Kat is struggling to find her place in the world.
  • Adrian: A mysterious vampire who’s targeted the Johnstone family with the aim of eliminating every last one of them.
  • Lilah: Adrian’s devilish lover.
  • Simon: Adrian’s brutal right-hand man.
  • Father Collin & Father Jerome: Two members of the current day Order of Saint Marcel.

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