The Blackburne Covenant

The Blackburne Covenant is a four-issue horror fiction comic book limited series published in 2003 by Dark Horse Comics .

All four issues are written by Fabian Nicieza with the art by Stefano Raffaele .


Horror Writer Richard Kaine has just succeeded in writing his first novel, Wintersong , about a medieval nature that is being destroyed by an organization named the Blackburne Covenant. While celebrating, Richard begins to exhibit the supernatural ability to contact a life force of nature called the Greenway.

Over the course of the series Richard discovers that his novel is not fiction he thought it was. He must discover just what the Greenway is and survive the killings by agents of the still existing Blackburne Covenant.

Collected editions

The series has been collected into a single volume :

  • The Blackburne Covenant (104 pages, hardcover, January 2004, ISBN  1-56971-889-X )


  • The Blackburne Covenant at the DB Comic Book

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