The Aluria Chronicles

The Aluria Chronicles has stand-alone western yaoi Original English-language manga with story by Calissa Leigh and art by Yishan Li, published by Yaoi Press in 2006.

A young man named Gin is falsely accused of murder and then sacrificed to a demon as punishment. However, see that Gin was innocent, the great bird-like demon drops the young man to the mystical land of Aluria.

Waking up in a prison cell, Gin is then told that he is being held captive for his own safety and will soon be released to the public. Gin meets his cellmate Kakale who, despite his kind demeanor, is a powerful vampire wanted for murder. Kakale soon swoons the vulnerable Gin and betrays him by escaping in the boy’s form and leaving poor Gin in a strange land with a body that is not his own.

Nonetheless, when Kakale’s lover Rakioul shows up, Kakale’s body can not be such a bad thing after all.

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