Midnight, Mass.

Midnight, Mass.  is a comic book series created by writer John Rozum , published by DC Comics ‘ Vertigo imprint in 2002. The series follows married occult experts Adam and Julia Kadmon as they deal with supernatural boxes around America. In a 2011 interview concerning the relaunch of his  Xombi  series, Rozum revealed that Adam and Julia were conceived as leading characters for a potential Xombi spin-off back when the series was still being published by Milestone Comics .  [1] Read more “Midnight, Mass.”

House of Secrets (Vertigo)

House of Secrets  was an occult and horror-themed comic book series written by Steven T. Seagle . The art was by Teddy Kristiansen , with occasional assistance by Christian Højgaard , Guy Davis , Duncan Fegredo and the Pander Brothers . It debuted in October 1996, published by the Vertigo imprint of American company DC Comics , and ran for 25 issues, followed by a two-issue limited series  House of Secrets: Facade  , by the same creative team in 2001. Read more “House of Secrets (Vertigo)”

House of Mystery (Vertigo)

House of Mystery  is an occult and horror-themed comic book anthology series based on the classic  House of Mystery  series That ran from 1951 to 1983. The writers, Bill Willingham and Lilah Sturges (credited as “Matthew Sturges”),  [2]  [ 3]  [4]  debuted the series in July 2008 under the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics .  [5]  [6] Read more “House of Mystery (Vertigo)”

Fables (comics)

Fables is an American comic book series created and written by Bill Willingham , published by DC Comics ‘ Vertigo . Willingham served as sole editor for its entirety, with Mark Buckingham penciling more than 110 issues. The series featured various other pencils over the years, most notably Lan Medina and Steve Leialoha . Fables was launched in July 2002, and concluded in July 2015. Read more “Fables (comics)”

The Exterminators (comics)

The Exterminators  was an American monthly comic book series , published under the Vertigo imprint by DC Comics . The comic was created by writer Simon Oliver and artist Tony Moore and follows the employees of the Bug-Bee-Gone extermination company.  [1]  The book is notable for its graphic and darkly humorous take on the extermination business. The first issue Was released on January 4, 2006. At the 2007 San Diego Comic Con It was annoncé que le series HAD beens Would canceled and finish at end 30.  [  citation needed  ]  The series HAD INITIALLY-been envisioned as a 50-issue series . quote needed  ] Read more “The Exterminators (comics)”

Animal Man (comic book)

Animal Man was a comic book ongoing series published by DC Comics starring the superhero Animal Man . The series is best known by the writer by Grant Morrison from issue # 1 to # 26 with penciling by Chas Truog who stayed on the series until # 32. Almost all of the writers and artists are part of the British Invasion of comics . Read more “Animal Man (comic book)”