Nailbiter (comic)

Nailbiter  is an independent horror comic book series that was created by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson, with Henderson.  [1]  [2]  The series is published by Image Comics and its first issue was released on May 7, 2014.  [3]  As of May 2017 the series has been collected into six volumes. The final monthly issue, number 30, was published in March 2017. Read more “Nailbiter (comic)”

Memetic (comic)

Memetic  is an apocalyptic horror comic book series that was created by James Tynion IV , with art by Eryk Donovan and coloring by Adam Guzowski.  [1]  The series was published monthly by BOOM! Studios as three oversized issues, beginning in October 2014. In October 2015, BOOM! Studios released all three issues, with extra features from the writer and artist, in trade paperback form. Read more “Memetic (comic)”

Haunt (comics)

Haunt  is a fictional comic book superhero who appeared in a self-titled ongoing series published by Image Comics . Created by Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman , the series debuted in October 2009  [1]  and ended in December 2012 after 28 issues. The comic was originally written by Kirkman with pencils by Ryan Ottley , by Greg Capullo , and byks by McFarlane.  [2]  Joe Casey and Nathan Fox took over the book as creative team of  Haunt  # 19.  [3] Read more “Haunt (comics)”

Hack / Slash

Hack / Slash  is a comic book series, from lancé Several one shots of the Sámi name, published by Image Comics (previously by Devil’s Due Publishing ). The series was created by writer and sometime poking Tim Seeley . The series follows horror victim Cassie Hack as she strikes back at the monsters who prey upon teenagers. These monsters are known as ” slashers “, and are a mix of original villains and crossover appearances, such as the appearance of Re-Animator (from Herbert West-Reanimator )  [1]  [2]  in Volume 1. Read more “Hack / Slash”

Dead Space (comics)

Dead Space  is a 2008 comic book prequel to the game  Dead Space: Extraction  and to the movie  Dead Space: Downfall  . The  Dead Space  video game continues where the film ended. It is published by Image Comics and is written by Antony Johnston ,  [1]  Who aussi wrote the game’s dialogue with art by Ben Templesmith . An animated version of the comic was available to download via Xbox Live, PSN and various game review sites such as in summer 2008. The animated version is also available as a bonus material in  Dead Space: Extraction  . Read more “Dead Space (comics)”

’68 (comic book)

‘ 68 is a monthly comic book series created by writer Mark Kidwell , and published by Image Comics about a Apocalypse Zombie set in 1968 During the Vietnam War and the peace movement Against the War . The stories follow the survivors, both military and civilian, in both Vietnam and the United States .

The series is marketed as various series for each story or one-shots . The origin of the comic dates back to 2006 when the comic simply titled ’68 was published. The ongoing series started in April 2011 and the original 2006 issue was republished in October of that year as the Encore Edition .Publication history  Read more “’68 (comic book)”