Hack / Slash

Hack / Slash  is a comic book series, from lancé Several one shots of the Sámi name, published by Image Comics (previously by Devil’s Due Publishing ). The series was created by writer and sometime poking Tim Seeley . The series follows horror victim Cassie Hack as she strikes back at the monsters who prey upon teenagers. These monsters are known as ” slashers “, and are a mix of original villains and crossover appearances, such as the appearance of Re-Animator (from Herbert West-Reanimator )  [1]  [2]  in Volume 1. Read more “Hack / Slash”

Evil Ernie

Evil Ernie  , an undead psychotic killer, is a fictional comic-book character created by writer Brian Pulido and artist Steven Hughes in 1991 and originally published by Eternity Comics , then the imprint shifted hands in 1993 to Chaos! Comics and then Devil’s Due Publishing in 2005. Evil Ernie is currently published by Dynamite Entertainment in their Chaos! Imprint comics. Read more “Evil Ernie”