Solomon Kane (comics)

Solomon Kane  is a fictional character created by the pulp- writer Robert E. Howard . He was featured in several  comics  published by Marvel Comics in the 1970s and 1980s. Dark Horse Comics began publishing a new series of Kane stories in 2008 , and also published collections of the 1970s Marvel stories in 2009.

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics published several comic books featuring Solomon Kane. He was the lead character in the six-issue limited series  Sword of Solomon Kane  , published 1985-6. He also appeared in the company’s black and white, non- code approved magazine format comics, most frequently in  Savage Sword of Conan  , starring Howard’s most popular pulp character. The complete list of Marvel ‘s Solomon Kane story appearances are:

  • Monsters Unleashed  # 1 (October 1973), an adaptation of Howard’s ” Skulls in the Stars ” by Roy Thomas , art by Ralph Reese .
  • Dracula Lives  # 3 (October 1973), Kane meets Dracula by Thomas, art by Alan Weiss .
  • The Conan Saga  # 50 (May 1991) by Alan Rowlands , art by Steve Carr and Williamson al (this magazine was a reprint title, the Kane story in this issue had not been previously published).
  • Kull and the Barbarians  # 2-3 (July and September 1975), an adaptation of ” The Hills of the Dead ” by Thomas, art by Weiss, Neal Adams and Pablo Marcos .
  • Marvel Premiere  # 33-34 (December 1976 and February 1977). Like the Kane mini-series, this was a Code-approved four-color comic, an adaptation of ” Red Shadows ” by Thomas, art by Howard Chaykin .
  • Marvel Preview  # 19 (Summer 1979), an adaptation of “The Footfalls Within” by Don Glut , art by Will Meugniot and Steve Gan .
  • Savage Sword of Conan  # 13-14, 18-20, 22, 25, 26, 33, 34, 37, 39, 41, 53, 54, 62, 83, 162, 171, 219 and 220 (July 1976-April 1994 Thomas, Glut, Doug Moench , Jo Duffy andJohn Arcudi , art by Gan, Chaykin, Weiss, and many others Dracula story, two adaptations of the Howard poem ” Solomon Kane’s Homecoming “,  [1]  and in the last two issues, a meeting of Kane and Conan for which Thomas, with artist Colin MacNeil , used Howard’s Kane fragment brief, “Death’s Black Riders , “as a springboard.  [2]
  • The Sword of Solomon Kane  [3]  # 1-6 (September 1985-July 1986). Of the six issues, four adapted Howard stories (and previously adapted by Marvel), and two (# 2 and # 4) contained by Ralph Macchio , with the art credits varying. The final of the poem “Solomon Kane’s homecoming,” illustrated by Sandy Plunkett and Williamson.  [4]

Dark Horse Comics

It was announced at the 2006 Comic Con that Paradox Entertainment has completed a publishing deal with Dark Horse Comics for a  Solomon Kane  comic series, to be written by Scott Allie .  [5]  [6]  The first two arcs featured completed versions of two Howard Fragments – “The Castle of the Devil” and “Death’s Black Riders.” The first issue picks Kane up the Black Forest after ending his career.  [5]  It was a five-issue mini-series , based on “Castle of the Devil”, and featured art by Mario Guevara (pencils), Dave Stewart (colors) and John Cassaday(covers). An eight-page sample was posted on the Dark Horse Presents MySpace page in June 2008  [7]  and the first issue was published in September 2008.  [8]

The second bow, “Death’s Black Riders”, was a four-issue mini-series published from January 2010 to June 2010. The third arc, “Red Shadows,” had its first issue published in April 2011. “Red Shadows”, based was Robert E. Howard story and interpreted by Marvel Previously in  Marvel Premiere  # 33-34 (1976), follows Solomon Kane as he tracks the Wolf, an expert French swordsman and womanizer with a habit of killing His Conquests, through Europe, across the Mediterranean, and down the West Coast of Africa.

Collected editions

The Castle of the Devil  , a trade paperback collection of the Dark Horse five-issue mini-series, was published in July 2009 ( ISBN  1595822828 ).

In February 2009, Dark Horse announced a new collection  The Saga of Solomon Kane  ( ISBN  1595823174 ) which collected the 1970s Marvel stories.  [9]  This 400+ page collection includes various stories from  Savage Sword of Conan  ,  Conan Saga  ,  Kull and the Barbarians  ,  Marvel Preview  ,  Monsters Unleashed  and  Dracula Lives  .

They followed with the  Chronicles of Solomon Kane  in December 2009 ( ISBN  1595824103 ), which collected all the color stories, including the  Sword of Solomon Kane  limited series.


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