Midnight, Mass.

Midnight, Mass.  is a comic book series created by writer John Rozum , published by DC Comics ‘ Vertigo imprint in 2002. The series follows married occult experts Adam and Julia Kadmon as they deal with supernatural boxes around America. In a 2011 interview concerning the relaunch of his  Xombi  series, Rozum revealed that Adam and Julia were conceived as leading characters for a potential Xombi spin-off back when the series was still being published by Milestone Comics .  [1]


Adam and Julia Kadmon, who live in the town of Midnight, Massachusetts. The Kadmon ‘s new assistant, Jenny, has just arrived to work for the couple and finds herself in the world.


Midnight, Mass: Here There Be Monsters  , a six-issue sequel mini-seriess, was published by Vertigo in 2004. The series picks up where the original series ends, but this time features the artwork of Paul Lee, replacing original artist Jesus Saiz.

Television series

A television series based on  Midnight, Mass  was put into development by NBC in 2009 for the 2010-2011 Television Season. The show received a script order and Was developed by Aaron Harberts , Gretchen J. Berg and Warner Brothers Television  [2]  aim Was not Any further Top Developed than the scripting internship.

The pitch had already been developed for several years with a number of writers and production companies pitching television adaptations.  [3]

Collected editions

Neither Mini-series has been reprinted in a collected edition.


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