Memetic (comic)

Memetic  is an apocalyptic horror comic book series that was created by James Tynion IV , with art by Eryk Donovan and coloring by Adam Guzowski.  [1]  The series was published monthly by BOOM! Studios as three oversized issues, beginning in October 2014. In October 2015, BOOM! Studios released all three issues, with extra features from the writer and artist, in trade paperback form.


Tynion IV came up with the idea for  Memetic  in 2012, when he was getting started in the comic book industry and wanted to create something along the lines of horror genre.  [2]  He Describes  Memetic  ‘re coming to him “fully FORMED,” and he says further Top que la pitch paper from two years prior to the comic’s publication looks very much la même as the final product.  [2]

Aaron and Marcus, the main protagonists, were created from the beginning of  Memetic’s  conception. Tynion wanted his protagonists to be “counter-points” to the world around them.  [2]  He describes Aaron as having himself in college, and expresses that he thought it was important for Aaron to be a queer character.  [2]


Issue one

At 7:04 am on “Day One,” an image of a person with a colorful spiral background appears on the Internet and has become a viral sensation (even). Viewers of the image, later called the “Good Times Sloth,” claim that it makes them feel amazing and tingle with happiness, and they have difficulty looking away.

Aaron Sumner, a college-age student who is colorblind and requires hearing aids, is trying to get a hold of his boyfriend Ryan after the two had an argument. His best friend Sarah attempts to share her excitement over the same, but Aaron can not feel the effects of the image due to his colorblindness. He repeated Ryan’s texts, begging him not to look at the same.

Meanwhile, Marcus Shaw, a veteran blind war, becomes troubled by the sloth when his friend Richie becomes obsessed with it. He contacts the Barbara Xiang, an old friend, and the author of an essay on “weaponized memetics,” which is not sure what to think of the situation, but which ones do you think of?

On the night of “Day One” it is discovered that one day after one’s exposure, one begins screaming and becomes violent. These so-called “screamers” bleed from their eyes and attempt to kill anyone who has not yet started screaming. Aaron and Sarah’s friend Martin becomes a screamer and kills their other friend Bastian. The two escape and barricade themselves in Aaron ‘s room, but Sarah realizes she does not have much time and runs to see her family. Elsewhere, Richie becomes a screamer and attempts to kill Marcus, but he fights back and survives the attack.

The issue ends with Ryan appearing at Aaron’s door, revealing that he has not looked at the image.

Issue Two

On the morning of “Day Two,” society begins to descend into chaos. Throughout the day, the more people begin to scream, the screams become louder and louder to everyone near them.

Marcus is escorted from his home by Barbara to Washington DC to lead a small task force to Oregon to confront the creator and original poster of the image, who they believe might have a cure. The task force is made up of Marcus, Dr. Peter Klein, Captain Meredith Schroeder, and Sergeant Casey Quinn. The team makes their way through an airplane to Oregon, but they are ambushed by screamers. Casey is killed in the fighting.

Aaron and Ryan decide to go to the college’s medical center. Although Aaron is relieved to find a large stock of his medication, they find that the medical center was not as safe as they thought it would be. Aaron finds his parents, who have become screamers, locked up by Dr. Crowne. Crowne is distressed by Aaron’s inability to feel the effects of the Good Times Sloth, and it becomes apparent that he is delusional from the effects of the same. He tries to catch Aaron so that he can be operated on his colorblindness, Aaron breaks the window, freeing his screaming parents who kill Dr. Crowne. In his dying words, Crowne claims that this is humankinds’ destiny. Aaron and Ryan to stay in an expensive abandoned apartment. After they have sex, Ryan reveals that he accidentally saw the same morning. Ryan Aaron begs Ryan, but Ryan was not sure of his neighbors, but he did not want to leave him alone.

In the airplane, Marcus, Peter, and Meredith hear the screams of the screamers, and it triggers the effects of viewing the image. Peter says that the screaming caused by viewing the image was intended to happen, so that the combination of all the screams creates the next euphoric stage of the meme.

Issue Three

On “Day Three,” the screamers cease being violent. They accumulate all over the world in spaces with high volumes of other screams, strip off their clothes, and begin to climb. After a little while, the people begin with their screaming heads.

Aaron considers killing himself, but he discovers a walkie-talkie with someone asking for help. A child on the other end asks him to come back to her. He ventures out to save to her. He discovers the towers on the way, and finds that he is immune to the effects of the screaming of his hearing disability. While searching for the child, he also comes into contact with Barbara Xiang on the walkie-talkie, who has not seen the same message and is still trying to find a way to save humanity and contact Marcus and the others. Aaron finds the little girl, but she wants to join everyone else in the tower. Aaron lets go, and finds that he can not feel what else else is feeling.

Marcus, Peter, and Meredith arrive in rural Oregon and find the creator of the same. He is an artist who goes by the name of the Maker, and is clearly insane. He reveals that he was instructed by “the angels” to create the “Good Times” in this apocalyptic event. The Maker Kills Himself, and has destroyed his computers, leaving no possibility for a cure. They expect that they will become screamers at any moment. Meredith commits suicide, while Peter is open to finding out what happens next. Marcus re-establishes connection with Barbara, and says his goodbye as he feels the transformation.

Barbara Aaron contacts, her last connection to the world and her last chance for a cure. Aaron, however, decides that he wants to feel what else else is feeling. He expresses sadness that his entire life, his colorblindness and hearing disability have left him unable to experience certain things else else, such as the color of the sky. He strips and climbs the tower, while Barbara begs him not to. He abandons the walkie-talkie, and begins to feel the euphoria upon fusing with the tower. Quickly, he becomes another screaming head on the tower.

In the final moments of the issue, Barbara sees on her computer that has entered the atmosphere. The last page sees “Day Four” beginning with a gigantic alien being descending onto Earth from a hole in the sky.


Memetic  received positive reviews. Benjamin Tilton from Slug Magazine , in his review for the trade paperback, says that days after reading the comic he is “still haunted by it.”  [3]  He also complemented the artwork, calling it “fun and almost cartoon-like.”  [3]  The Big Comics Team Page also applauded the originality of the concept and the artwork.  [4]  Chase Magnett from ComicBook, in his review of the third issue, commends the twists in the final issue that “add to the joy and terror of the series.”  [5]

Memetic  was nominated for the 2015 GLAAD Award for Outstanding Comic Book, but lost to Kurtis J. Wiebe’s  Rat Queens.  [6]


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