Maghella  is an Italian comic book erotic character. A young witch with magic powers,  [1]  was created by Dino Leonetti with text by Furio Arrasich.  [2]

She made her first appearance as lead character in the erotic series  Menelik  published in 1974 by Publistrip .  [3]  The  Maghella  comic book was started in January 1974,  [4]  lasting for 140 issues published by Publistrip until March 1981. Later on, 7 issues were published by Ediperiodici from June 1987 to December 1987. The comic books were published in France .  [5]  [6]

The girl is identified by two braids of black hair and giant breasts with unspecified powers and magic, hence her name, meaning “little witch” in Italian. Her most typical exclamation is “Holy Shit”, repeated in every adventure: These are the first words in the first appearance in  Menelik  .

Maghella is one of many such characters from the Italian  fumetti  tradition. Other figures from the same era, and with similarly violent or erotic preoccupations, include Zora the Vampira , Lucifera , Biancaneve , Vartan , Jacula , Jolanda de Almaviva , Sukia , and Yra .  [7]  [8]

French film director Francis Leroi also adapted the comics series to a 1974 film also titled  Maghella  .  [9]

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