London Horror Comic

London Horror Comic  is a British horror comic book anthology . The book is written and published by John-Paul Kamath who founded London Horror Comic Ltd. The London Horror Comic was featured on BBC Radio 4 as part of a documentary about The Vampire Gorbals  [1]  and interviewed about the history of horror comics.  [2]

Publication history

London Horror Comic  began as a monthly webcomic in 2006 featuring a series of black and white silent comic strips. These were drawn by artists Hughes Cretien and Lee Ferguson and written by John-Paul Kamath.  [3]  Prior to starting London Horror Comic, Kamam had been a writer on the US horror title Trailer Park of Terror for six years  [4]  by Imperium Comics . The comic was later turned into a film feature of the same name.  [5]

In August 2006, the London Horror Comic published its first full color print story as an original comic strip called “Intermission” as part of the program guide to the Horror Zone Frightfest Film Festival 2006 .  [6]

In 2008, London Horror Comic Ltd published the first in a series of full color prints with the release of  London Horror Comic  # 1.  [7]  Kamath said some of his main influences behind London Horror Comic were like  Creepy  and  Eerie much more than  Tales from the Crypt  .  [8]

London Horror Comic  # 1 was written by John-Paul Kamath and illustrated by Lee Ferguson (pencils), Marc Deering (inks), Matty Ryan (lettering and design) and Hi-Fi Design (colors) who would become the book’s regular team.


London Horror Comic  # 1 drew praise for its mix of horror and humor. “Laugh out loud funny, like a horror  Curb Your Enthusiasm,  Kamath shows serious talent,” said  SFX  magazine # 165.  [9]

London Horror Comic  # 2 was published in April 2009 and continued to garner praise. The Girls Entertainment Network said “we are going to talk about it, we’re going to talk about it, we’re going to talk about it.”  [10]  An advance review by Zone Horror Television in the UK said “London Horror Comic Issue 2 is Surely one of the finest collections around anthology.”  [11]

London Horror Comic  # 3 was printed and made available to buy from the London Horror Comic website as a 40-page extended issue. Garth Ennis said “Good stuff here from major new talent John-Paul Kamath – far too good, in fact, Enjoy London Horror Comic while you can, because I’m going to have him killed.”  [12]


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