Little Gloomy

Little Gloomy  is a comic book published by Slave Labor Graphics . The first issue premiered in October 1999. The series was created by Landry Walker and Eric Jones . Little Gloomy Stories also regularly appeared in  Disney Adventures Magazine  , until the magazine stopped production with its November 2007 issue.


  • Gloomy  is a girl who lives in the town of Frightsylvania in a house with her friends. Often, the most strange things happen to her, which are but one of the most common causes of the problem.
  • Larry the Werewolf  , Gloomy’s only sensitive friend, who is often a key player Gloomy out of trouble. He is sometimes used as Frank’s straight man.
  • Frank  , Frankenstein’s Monster , is selfish and is often more troubled than the situation is worth. Gloomy and friends by accident.
  • Mummy  is another one of Gloomy’s friends. He owns a bar and speaks entirely in hieroglyphics .
  • Carl Cthulhu  is a Cthulhu monster That loves bunnies and claims That he will one day destroy all life.
  • Simon Von Simon  is Little Gloomy’s bitter ex-boyfriend seeking revenge. He controls an army of zombies.
  • Evey, The Rotton Witch  was formerly Little Gloomy ‘s best friend, Gloomy to the dark gods.
  • Lily  has sea creature that usually goes on vacations with Gloomy but they usually get in trouble. She is shown as very vain and selfish.
  • Shelly  is the brain damaged result of Simon Von Simon’s experiment to trap. Her name is derived from the last name of  Frankenstein  author Mary Shelley .

Goth subculture

Due to the design of the central character and association by the Slave Labor Publishing Graphics imprint,  Little Gloomy  is often referred to as a goth-related comic. As such, it was one of the first to reach mainstream audiences with regular distribution through Disney Adventures.

TV series

In 2010, Timoon Animation and 1492 Pictures announced a $ 7 million budgeted animated series based on  Little Gloomy  called  Scary Larry  That will air on Canal +.  [1]  The 26-episode series debuted in France on Canal + on September 2, 2012. The series debuted in the United States on KidsClick on July 1, 2017.  [2]  KidsClick no longer airs the show as of December 10, 2017


  • In 2005 Walker and Jones published a new “Little Gloomy” series called ” The Super Scary Monster Show: Featuring Little Gloomy ” which contains short stories separate from the “Little Gloomy” story
  • In 2006, Little Gloomy was optioned by 1492 Pictures.
  • Walker and Jones have another regular feature Disney Adventures Kid Gravity feature. In the universe of Gravity Kid, Little Gloomy is a fictional character and The Super Scary Monster Show is Kid Gravity’s favorite television program.
  • There have been two toys from the comic to date. Carl Cthulhu and Mummy.


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