List of minor 2000 AD stories

This is a list of minor 2000 AD stories .




Absalom [1] is a horror story spin-off from Caballistics, Inc. by Gordon Rennie and Tiernen Trevallion . It spanned three installments “Noblesse Obligie” in 2000 AD # 1732-1739 (May-June 2011), “Sick leave” in 2000 AD Prog 2012 (December 2011) and “Ghosts of London” in 2000 AD # 1765-1771 (January -February 2012).

The first trade paperback , Ghosts of London , was published in June 2012 ( ISBN  1781080429 ).

Ampney Crucis Investigates

Ampney Crucis Investigates [2] is an occult detective story by Ian Edginton and Simon Davis starring the fictional investigator Ampney Crucis and his man serving Eddie Cromwell. It started in 2000 AD # 1611 (2008) and up to the end of 2011 has spanned four parts.

The first trade paperback , Vile Bodies , was published in January 2012 ( ISBN  1907992944 ).


Babe Race 2000

Race 2000 Babe [2] is a story written by Mark Millar , with art by Anthony Williams , which ran in an eponymous story in 2000 AD # 883-888 (1994) and a one-off, “Bounty Hunter Mom”, in the 1995 2000 AD Yearbook .

Bato Loco

Bato Loco [4] is a story written by Gordon Rennie , with art by Simon Coleby that had two outings in the Judge Dredd Megazine . It featured Carlito “Bato Loco” Agarra from the Barrio Blocks who was introduced in the story “Bato Loco” in Judge Dredd Megazine # 202 (February 2003).


Carver Hale

Carver Hale [5] was a story about a London mobster who gets possessed by a demon. It was written by Mike Carey with Mike Perkins (with some fill-in by Dylan Teague ). It came about Because Then editor Andy Diggle Was commissioning more horror stories [6] and Carey Said he “was aiming to get some of the flavor of Hellblazer , purpose in a more in-your-face action oriented story.” [7]

It was published in 2000 (split because of deadline problems [7] ), and collected into a hardback volume in 2005 ( ISBN  1-904265-62-6 ).


Citi-Def [8] by Tony Lee , with art by Jack Lawrence . The series is set in the Judge Dredd universe, focusing on the City Defense units of armed militia. The first instalment has been described as a good start with “cute” and “cartoony” art, [9] and the second part was “an awesome romp” and “a fabulous idea, and here it is executed with great aplomb,” though the reviewer felt it was pitched at a younger audience than usual. [10] Another reviewer felt that while the artist “is pretty good at this issue of art, but I hate it” and reiterated concerns about the lack of sophistication and “there are bags of fun here.”

The first story, “Field Trip”, ran in Judge Dredd Megazine starting in issue # 279.


Cradlegrave [12] is a body horror comic story which ran in 2000 AD # 1633-1644, written by John Smith , with art by Edmund Bagwell . [13]

It is set in the Ravenglade Estate (nicknamed “Cradlegrave”), somewhere in Lancashire. It follows the story of teenage Shane Holt, who has recently been released from Thorn Hill young offenders institution.

The story Was file Managed into a trade paperback , with a foreword by Ramsey Campbell ( ISBN  1907992464 ). In his foreword Campbell describes the story as one “as inseparable and desolate as anything in David Cronenberg “. [14]

Cursed Earth Koburn

Cursed Earth Koburn [15] is a character who has appeared in an eponymous series in Judge Dredd Megazine , written by Gordon Rennie , with art by Carlos Ezquerra .



Dinosty [16] Was the first series Pat Mills and Clint Langley HAD collaborated on (Langley’s first job at 2000 AD HAD beens is Future Shock with Mills) And They would go there to work together is Mills’ long-running stories ABC Warriors and Slaine .

The story itself was originally supposed to appear in the spin-off comic Earthside 8 , but this title was never published. HOWEVER, This Was not the end of the problems as the move to 2000 AD Happened When Mills felt His relationship with the editors Was breaking down and he cam to Believe That ” Dinosty Suffered from covert and non-verbalised editorial opposition, or maybe just disinterest . ” [17] The story would eventually run in 1994, in issues # 873 – 882.


Glimmer Rats

Glimmer Rats [18] is a military science fiction story which appeared in 2000 AD , written by Gordon Rennie , with art by Mark Harrison . It was collected into a sixty-page hardcover ( ISBN  1904265006 ). Rennie has described the inspiration for the story as ” Sven Hassel novels and a certain oblique pretentiousness.” [19]

The Grudge-Father

The Grudge-Father [20] was a “lurid” [17] 1994 story written by Mark Millar , with Jim McCarthy providing the art, which ran in 2000 AD # 878-883.



Insurrection [21] is a series by Dan Abnett published in Judge Dredd Megazine starting in January 2009. [22] Abnett explains that “the actual brief was to bring to the Dredd Universe something of the epic war-in-space scale of the stuff I write for Warhammer 40K . Tharg ( Matt à son friends) wanted a big space war story stonking That Would follows the universe of the Mega-Cities “. [23]

The series Was drawn by artist Colin MacNeil , Who has aussi Worked were number of Warhammer 40K stories, and one reviewer rating the Similarities Suggesting “MacNeil is reprising exactly le même style art That he used on the” Bloodquest “strip in the Warhammer Monthly comic.” [24]

The reception has been positive with the first episode of the world “With cracking art and a storming first episode I have to say ‘Insurrection’ has the potential to be the best Dredd off world spin-off first episode can I remember and I can see insurrection with the legacy to deliver on that initial promise. ” [25] Reviews, “Quite simply, this is the best non-Dredd story ever to run in the Megazine” [24] and “glorious” [26]

The first two are being white file Managed installment into a trade paperback ( ISBN  1907992499 ).


Journal of Luke Kirby

The Journal of Luke Kirby [27] was a long-running series, first appearing 1988 [28] and published until 1995. It was written by Alan McKenzie and had art by John Ridgway , Steve Parkhouse, and Graham Higgins . Luke Kirby predates other boy wizards, such as Harry Potter and the Vertigo character Timothy Hunter . [29]


Maniac 5

Maniac 5 [30] was along with Red Razors , one of Mark Millar’s major solo series at 2000 AD , the others being co-written with Grant Morrison . It formed part of the “Summer Offensive” in 1993, [31] along with Judge Dredd : ” Inferno “, Slaughterbowl , Really & Truly and Big Dave . [32] The initial, eponymous story was drawn by Red Razors artist Steve Yeowell , who would also draw the final story “Maniac 6”. [33] Other artists worked on the one-offs:David Hine on “War Journal”, 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 1993 , and Richard Elson on “Maniac 6 Prologue”, in 2000 AD Winter Special 1993 .



Necrophim [34] is a story by Tony Lee , with art by Lee Carter . The prologue ran in 2000 AD # 1628-1632, with the main story starting in # 1655.


Pulp Sci-fi

Pulp Sci-fi [35] was another Future Shock-style series, designed by David Bishop to replace Vector 13 . [36] It would be the launch pad for other series like Rose O’Rion failed to prove popular with writers and ended two years after it started. [37]


Purgatory [38] was a Judge Dredd spin-off that focused on Judge Grice and was written by Mark Millar , with art by Carlos Ezquerra . The series ran in 2000 AD # 834-841 in 1993 and led straight into the Judge Dredd story ” Inferno “, with Ezquerra remaining on art and Grant Morrison taking over writing duties.


Rain Dogs

Rain Dogs [39] is a science fiction story set in a flooded New York, which appeared in 2000 AD progs 1213-1222. Written by Gordon Rennie , with art by Colin Wilson , it was later collected on a fifty-two page hardcover.

Rose O’Rion

Rose O’Rion [40] span out of Pulp Sci-fi and was written by Kek-W , with art by Andy Clarke . The character returned in the 2000 AD fanzine Zarjaz # 10 as illustrated text story, with art from Dylan Teague .


Sancho Panzer

Sancho Panzer [41] is a story which ran into seven consecutive stories in 2000 AD # 1112-1123 in 1998. It was written by Dan Abnett , with Henry Flint providing the art, and featured the eponymous character who pilots a giant tank called Mojo with the assistance of his technician Tool. He is pursued by reporter Lynx Fahren / Farren, who is trying to get to the truth behind the legend, and General Herman Spurn, who was defeated by Panzer and is looking for revenge. Everyone has to pull together when the planet, Vainglory Five, is invaded by giant worms.

Abnett had tried to repeat the success of Sinister Dexter by

I looked at what was popular with Sinister Dexter – extreme violence and witty dialogue, catchphrases galore and as many as you can fit in. Then I added heavy artillery action, something Henry did well. It should have been a blast, but it was not popular … I assume Sancho’s failure was due to the strength of the story, because the art was so good. [42]


Silo [43] was Mark Millar’s first series at 2000 AD which was greenlit after he had just two Future Shocks published; [44] It was drawn by Dave D’Antiquis . The story ran in issues # 706-711 in 1990 and was reprinted in Extreme Edition # 14 and involved two American soldiers in a nuclear missile apparently haunted by the ghost of Edward Bulwer-Lytton who was intent on ending the world.


Slaughterbowl [45] is a story by John Smith and Paul Peart that ran in 2000 AD # 842-849 as part of their ” Summer Offensive “. It featured as piloting cybernetic dinosaurs as a sport of the future.

Snow / Tiger

Snow / Tiger [46] was written by Andy Diggle : originally pitched to Vertigo , it was turned down as being “too mainstream”. [47] He reworked it, “I just took out the politics and left in the extreme violence”, but the politics still remained controversial, [48] Diggle concludes that “the fact the story the political spectrum suggest I probably pitched it about right. ” [49]

Only one story was published, “Pax Americana”, in 2000 AD ## 1336-1342 and it was collected in a free trade paperback given in the Judge Dredd Megazine # 276.

Stalag 666

Stalag # 666 [50] is a fifteen-part story, with a double-length (first page), by Tony Lee , with art by Jon Davis-Hunt . Lee describes it as “a futuristic space story that is going to be set in a prison camp” and it’s going to be a lot of fun! story and not be like that. ” [51]

The story ran in 2000 AD # 1600-1614, between August and November 2008.


Tales from Beyond Science

Tales from Beyond Science [52] Was a series of one-off Future Shock -style stories all drawn by Rian Hughes with script by Mark Millar , Alan McKenzie and John Smith . The story was made by Millar and then editor McKenzie who brought Smith and Hughes in the last members of the team. [53] The series was published in 1992 in 2000 AD # 774-779 and as part of a couple of special issues. Hughes has had these stories collected, along with new material, by Image Comics ( ISBN  1607064715 ).


Thirteen [54] was a one-off story written by Mike Carey , with art by Andy Clarke . The story had been on Carey’s mind for seven years before appearing in the comic. The writer has said: “I wanted to make a story that was an insane, over-the-top space opera combined with the seventies paranoid thriller.I also had this idea for a narrative structure that would start small and then just keep on opening outwards. like Chinese boxes until it was working on a cosmic level ” [55]

The story Appeared in 2002 in 2000 AD # 1289 to 1299 and has-beens file Managed into a trade paperback ( ISBN  1-904265-36-7 )

Tyranny Rex

Tyranny Rex [56] is a story by John Smith and Steve Dillon . The main character is an artist and reptile, whose story is crossed over with Indigo Prime . The stories appeared between 1988 and 1994, with Will Simpson , Dougie Braithwaite , Steve Sampson , Duncan Fegredo , Mark Buckingham , Paul Marshall and Richard Elson , and the character made a comeback in 2004, with Steve Yeowell on art duties goal no further stories appeared.


Witch World

Witch World [57] is a series that appeared twice in 2000 AD , written by Gordon Rennie , with art provided by Siku , Paul Johnson , Will Simpson, and John M. Burns .

Rennie Describes the origins of the story (one de son first in 2000 AD after-stories being white published in Judge Dredd Megazine ): “It came about when i and a number of other writers Were Asked to put together pitches for a new fantasy strip, with guidelines suggested by the editor “. [19] However, he does not miss the story highly:

I did not think it was much when I came up with it, I still did not think much of it when I pitched it, and I absolutely fucking hated it while I was writing it. […] Chopping and changing artists is not enough, but the fact that the series is probably the most important drawback. Of everything I’ve ever written, Witch World is easily I wish I had not done. One or two Vector 13s aside, it was the first thing I did for 2000 AD , a comic that’s been part of my life for 25 years, and the fact that it was hackneyed old rubbish is still a source of eternal mortification. [19]



Zombo [58] is a story written by Al Ewing , is based ideas by series artist Henry Flint , aussi Who Provided the art. The first series was set on a “death planet”, one of a number of hostile and malevolent living planets , where the eponymous character has to lead the passengers of a crashed space ship to safety. [59]

Zombo first appeared in 2000 AD # 1632.


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