Kyu-Shin  is a comic book published by the American company Scare Tactix Graphix. The comic is written by Mitch Hyman,  [1]  with art by Ivonne Falcon and Alberto Cortes.

Publication history

The original script and story by Mitch Hyman, Ivonne Falcon under Hyman’s direction, did not involve Ms. Kita at first. Candace Kita is the author of the comic book, the comic book likeness of Kyu-Shin will be based on the model and actress Candace Kita .  [2]

Fictional character biography

Kyu-Shin is a tale of redemption. It’s the story of the North Korean Olympic martial arts team. By the age of 9, she has already killed a half dozen opponents. The team comes to America, New York to be exact, to compete in the world and to seek political asylum. After she is granted asylum, she finally knows true freedom. On the first night of the night, a girl who is a member of an Asian gang of Vampires who are bent on the city and an empire of the undead.

She is taken to the leader of this gang, Kiyo is her name, and when they “turn” her they discover that because she has no name, she has not had a sex … She is not a vampire … but a damned soul. The Korean culture does not have Vampires … only ghosts. She is now truly lost soul. The gods take pity on her and imbue her with awesome power over the supernatural while severely limiting her powers over the mortal realm. She has become an agent and protector for good. She is out to save herself by saving the world … one soul at a time.


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