Impact (EC Comics)

The  EC Comics publishedin 1955 asa short-lived comic book series. New Direction line. The bi-monthly comic, published by Bill Gaines and edited by Al Feldstein , began with an issue cover-dated March-April, 1955. It ran for five issues, ending with the November-December, 1955 issue. The sub-title “Tales Designed to Carry” ran above the title  Impact  . The book was dedicated to stories with shock endings, and was seen on a down, Comics Code era version of EC’s earlier Shock SuspenStories . Front covers were by Jack Davis , and the stories were illustrated by Davis,George Evans , Jack Kamen , Graham Ingels , Orlando Joe , Reed Crandall and Bernard Krigstein .

There are two versions of the cover to  Impact  # 1. One logo is yellow and the other is white.

Impact  Was reprinted as share of publisher Russ Cochran ‘s  Complete EC Library  in 1988. Between April and August 1999 Cochran (in association with Gemstone Publishing ) reprinted all five individual issues. This complete run was later, with covers included, in a single softcover  EC Annual  .

Issue guide

# Dated Cover Artist Story Story Artist
1 March / April 1955 Jack Davis Tough Cop Reed Crandall
The Diamond Pendant Graham Ingels
The Dress George Evans
Master Race Bernard Krigstein
2 May / June 1955 Jack Davis Mother Knows Best Reed Crandall
Divorced Jack Davis
The Suit Graham Ingels
Paid in Full Joe Orlando
3 July / Aug 1955 Jack Davis Life Sentence Reed Crandall
The Debt Jack Davis
Totally Blind Jack Kamen
The Good Fairy Graham Ingels
4 Sept / Oct 1955 Jack Davis The Lonely One Jack Davis
Fall in Winter Graham Ingels
The Bitter End Reed Crandall
Country Doctor George Evans
5 Nov / Dec 1955 Jack Davis Heart Interest George Evans
The Travelers Joe Orlando
The General Graham Ingels
So Much More Bernard Krigstein

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