Hyde and Shriek (comics)

Hyde and Shriek  was a British comics series, published in  The Dandy  between 1991 and 1992, and drawn by Tom Paterson . It was about a boy called Erbert Hyde, who lives in Castle Hyde with Mr. Shriek, Hyde’s servant who is a vampire. While Shriek wanted to learn more, Erbert Hyde found life at Castle Hyde, and wanted to live a more normal life.

Once  The Dandy  est devenu full color in September 1993 Was this strip dropped, order returned in 2004 as reprints (Prior to the  Dandy  ‘ s new look) and new material Was Introduced The Following year. The strip was toned down somewhat. In a similar way to Calamity James , the strip lost much of its wackiness once it became full color. Shriek still wanted to be mastered, but Erbert Hyde became more of a wimp than before, and often acted noticeably soft and a bit more simple-minded. This version of the strip disappeared in 2007, Nick Brennan. In December 2008, Brennan started drawing the stories, the plot was changed to Hyde being a wimpy orphan boy. After a visit to Mister Shriek ‘s castle in Transylvania , it does not get any better for him. The strip last appeared around 2009.

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