House of Secrets (Vertigo)

House of Secrets  was an occult and horror-themed comic book series written by Steven T. Seagle . The art was by Teddy Kristiansen , with occasional assistance by Christian Højgaard , Guy Davis , Duncan Fegredo and the Pander Brothers . It debuted in October 1996, published by the Vertigo imprint of American company DC Comics , and ran for 25 issues, followed by a two-issue limited series  House of Secrets: Facade  , by the same creative team in 2001.

Although its title was based on the classic  House of Secrets  series that ran from 1956 to 1976, it was an otherwise unrelated series.  [1]


Inveterate liar Rain Harper comes to Seattle and meets a young girl named Traci, who offers to let Rain stay in a derelict house with her. The house turns out to be the surprisingly expansive and lavishly decorated Reichuss Mansion, a renowned haunted housein Seattle. When she steps into the pantry, Rain encounters an otherworldly entity called “Juris”, which acts as judge, jury and executioner in a courtroom in the hereafter. After defending their minds, they are sentenced to a judgment, and they are sentenced to the world, or the basement, which are stand-ins for heaven, purgatory and hell. The Juris calls Rain as a witness in one of its trials. The Juris is composed of The Plyck, a flaming hand; Pfaultz, a sexual predator who masqueraded as a health inspector using someone else’s edict from Emperor Charles IV ; Neither, a Japanese woman who has blame for her older sister’s murder of their mutual husband; Clius,Hadrian ; and Digol, an ancient Greek who wrote down the law to remember it. The newest member of the Juris is Ruby, who replaced an Ancient Egyptian woman. She was buried alive by whites who were appalled at her relationship with a white man in early 1960s Alabama and represents blind Lady Justice-she is the only one Rain likes. Aside from the mysterious Plyck, whose origin remains unknown, all of the members of the United States of America have been intentionally buried. off on a rack.

Ben Volk, who plays in a band called the Nightmare of Reason. The narcissistic lead singer of the band, Erik, starts a relationship with Rain, but later rapes Traci, a crime for which he is duly convicted by the Juris. Rain Decides to leave Seattle, not long Afterwards goal returns to find her dead mother Condemned to the basement for keeping the secret of her diagnosis with ovarian cancer During her lifetime. Rain herself is made to defend her own trial for keeping secret her grievance at her mother’s death. She is sentenced to hang , but is saved by Ben and Traci.

The derelict mansion is eventually demolished, and Rain, Ben, and Traci move on with their lives. Somewhere on the east coast, Rain discovers the Reichuss Mansion again, exactly in every detail. Rain has to protect Ben, Traci, and even from judgment at the hands of the Juris, or else the mansion might follow them for the rest of their lives.  [1]

Collected editions

The first five issues of the series were collected in a trade paperback . No later collections were published until the release of an Omnibus volume in April 2013.

  • Foundation  (collects  House of Secrets  # 1-5, 128 pages, May 1997, ISBN  1-56389-362-2 )  [2]
  • House of Secrets Omnibus  (collects  House of Secrets  # 1-25, a story from  Vertigo: Winter’s Edge  # 1, and  House of Secrets: Facade  # 1-2, 752 pages, April 2013, ISBN  978-1401236731 )  [3]


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