Hellboy: Weird Tales

Hellboy: Weird Tales  is a dark horse Comics bimonthly eight-issue comic book limited series that offered a variety of guest writers and artists the chance to give their own take on the  Hellboy  characters created by Mike Mignola while he was in Prague working on the first  Hellboy  movie. The issues were publishedin a two-volume  BPRD  one-shots volume.  [1]  [2]


Issue # 1

Published February 26, 2003 cover by John Cassaday .  [3]

title Creators
Big-Top Hellboy Story & Art: John Cassaday
Hellboy, Sherman and Sapien go to the site of a spectral circus in Marktleuthen, Germany, 1994 which has been abducted by children in the local area at the turn of the 20th century.
Sugar Coated Wire feat. Dr. Karl Ruprect Kroenen Art: TyRuben Ellingson
The first comic book pinup by Ellingson who worked alongside Mignola as designer on the movies  Blade II  and  Hellboy  .
Party Pooper Story & Art: Andi Watson
Corrigan distractions Hellboy while Sherman, Sapien and Roger prepare for a surprise birthday party complete with pancakes and a candle. Hellboy sees a demonic presence and the Crown of Destruction.
Children of the Black Mound
  • Story: Fabian Nicieza
  • Art: Stefano Raffaele
An Orthodox priest in Tbilisi , Georgia , 1898, relates to the cautionary tale of Staynivolk, which fell victim to Baba Yaga in 1788 for renouncing its faith, to a seminary student. Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili who goes on to face the Russian witch.
Doc Hollow’s Great Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 1 Story & Art: John Cassaday
Johnson attempts to apprehend the Crimson Hood but he uses trickery to escape.

Issue # 2

Published April 23, 2003 cover by Jason Pearson .  [4]

title Creators
Lloyd McCay in Flight Risk
  • Story: Joe Casey
  • Art: Steve Parkhouse
Hellboy accompanies Lloyd McCay to Nevada , USA where an attempt to regain his freestyle jet-packing record altitude leads to an encounter with giant desert bats.
  • Story: Randy Stradley
  • Art: Seung Kim
Hellboy and Hennessey to Shuzenji, Japan , 1967 to the Fukushima hot spring of a Tengu infestation that has been devouring tourists.
Curse of the Haunted Doily
  • Story: Mark Ricketts
  • Art: Eric Wight
A family heirloom brings back the ghost of Corrigan’s mother to nag her from beyond the grave.
Midnight Cowboy
  • Story: Eric Powell
  • Art: Eric & Robert Powell
A young Hellboy and his dog Mac penetrate the forbidden Hangar 7 at their home base in New Mexico , USA, 1947 to make a transforming discovery.
Doc Hollow’s Great Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 2 Story & Art: John Cassaday
Johnson interrogates one of the Crimson Hood’s henchman to reveal the villains hiring.

Issue # 3

Published June 25, 2003 cover by Alex Maleev .  [5]

title Creators
Still Born
  • Story: Matt Hollingsworth & Alex Maleev
  • Art: Alex Maleev
Hellboy, Sapien and Sherman rush to hospital to preside over a demonic birth.
Down Time Story & Art: Bob Fingerman
Hellboy suffers from technical difficulties after insulting the BRPD ‘s new intern demon, Irving Goblinski.
Hellboy v. Rasputin Art: Galen Showman
Full page pin-up.
Family Story
  • Story: Sara Ryan
  • Art: Steve Lieber
Hellboy finds himself in the midst of a domestic disturbance whilst researching in the library of a stately home.
Hellboy at the Mountains of Madness Art: William Stout
Full page pin-up.
Doc Hollow’s Great Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 3 Story & Art: John Cassaday
Johnson tracks down his kidnapped assistant to a mansion in upstate New York .

Issue # 4

Published August 27, 2003 cover by Leinil Francis Yu .  [6]

title Creators
The Dread Within Story & Art: Jason Pearson
Sherman, Ipswich and Apon go to face the ghosts in a haunted house in Portland, Oregon, on the anniversary of the death of Sherman’s parents.
Abe Sapien: Star of the BPRD
  • Story: John Arcudi
  • Art: Roger Langridge
A day dreaming Sapien imagines an alternate universe where he has taken Hellboy’s place as the BPRD’s top agent.
  • Story: Tom Sniegoski
  • Art: Ovi Nedelecu
Hellboy goes to the Ravenschild Estate to investigate reported haunting.
Shred Art: Rick Cortes
Full page pin-up.
Doc Hollow’s Great Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 4 Story & Art: John Cassaday
Johnson bust up a meeting between the Crimson Hood and his Nazi contacts.

Issue # 5

Published October 15, 2003 cover by JH Williams III .  [7]

title Creators
Love is Scarier Than Monsters
  • Story: JH Williams III & Haden Blackman
  • Art: JH Williams III
Hellboy and FBI Agent Emma Granger go on stakeout in Prince George’s County, Maryland to capture the Goatman.
Cool Your Head Story & Art: Scott Morse
Hellboy goes on holiday to Yosemite National Park , California where he runs into an aging beatnik.
  • Story: Ron Marz
  • Art: Jim Starlin
Hellboy travels to Guatemala , 1979 to recover a mysterious Mayan artifact known as Xul Chalak.
Pin up Art: Cameron Stewart
Full page pin-up.
Doc Hollow’s Great Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 5 Story & Art: John Cassaday
Johnson unmasks the true identity of the villainous Crimson Hood.

Issue # 6

Published December 10, 2003 cover by Frank Cho .  [8]

title Creators
Command Performance
  • Story: Will Pfeifer
  • Art: P. Craig Russell
Hellboy travels to Paris 1991 to end the murderous run of the Grand Guignol Theater Troupe.
  • Story: Doug Petrie
  • Art: Gene Colan
Sherman and Sapien go after a demon in an aquarium.
My Vacation in Hell Story & Art: Craig Thompson
Hellboy introduces a slideshow of his holiday in Hell.
Pin up Art: Steve Purcell
Full page pin-up.
Doc Hollow’s Great Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 6 Story & Art: John Cassaday
Johnson battles the Nazis but in the ensuing chaos the vibration machine starts.

Issue # 7

Published February 11, 2004 cover by Phil Noto .  [9]

title Creators
A Love Story Story & Art: Tommy Lee Edwards
Hellboy Travels to India , 1964 to investigate a restored World War II era P-40 plane that appears haunted.
Theater of the Dead
  • Story: Jim Pascoe & Tom Fassbender
  • Art: Simeon Wilkins
Hellboy and Sapien face a gun toting headless corpse, a zombie orchestra, and a bunch of gangsters.
Long Distance Caller Story & Art: Kev Walker
Krauss deals with the alien takeover of an Australian SETI station while on an insomnia-driven astral journey.
Pin up Art: Dave Stevens
Full page pin-up.
Doc Hollow’s Great Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 7 Story & Art: John Cassaday
The vibration machine brings the building down to Johnson and his assistant.

Issue # 8

Published April 14, 2004 cover by Michael William Kaluta .  [10]

title Creators
Fifteen Minutes … Story & Art: Jill Thompson
A group of living skeletons sign-up to be set decoration for Hellboy’s battle with a giant rat in their SAG cards.
Toy Soldier
  • Story: Akira Yoshida & Kia Asamiya
  • Art: Kia Asamiya
Hellboy and Sasaki attempt to rid the Dai Bang toy company of the child spirits in its warehouse.
Professional Help Story & Art: Evan Dorkin
A mission to Oslo , Norway with Agent Izzy Kemper leaves Roger seeking the services of psychiatrist Dr. Ramsey.
Pin up Art: Gary Fields
Full page pin-up.
Doc Hollow’s Great Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 8 Story & Art: John Cassaday
Johnson and his assistant escape the collapsing building but the Nazis get away. Johnson vows to pursue them to Hunte Castle , Austria .

Collected editions

The series has been collected in two paperbacks and one hardcover edition:

  • Volume 1  (  Hellboy  Collects  : Weird Tales  # 1-4, February 2003, ISBN  978-1-56971-622-9 )
  • Volume 2  (  Hellboy  Collects  : Weird Tales  # 5-8, October 2004, ISBN  978-1-56971-953-4 )
  • HC – Hardcover  (  Hellboy  Collects  : Weird Tales  # 1-8 (Volume 1 & 2) and the “How Koshchei Became Deathless” and “Baba Yaga’s Feast” back-ups from Hellboy: The Wild Hunt # 2-4, December 2014, ISBN  978-1-61655-510-8 )


  • The character Hellboy in  Hellboy: Weird Tales  was nominated for the 2003 “Favorite Hero” Wizard Fan Award .
  • John Cassady won the 2004 “Best Artist / Penciller / Inker” Eisner Award .


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