Hellboy: The Chained Coffin and Others

Hellboy: The Chained Coffin and Others  is the third trade paperback collection in the  Hellboy  series by Mike Mignola published by Dark Horse Comics on August 5, 1998 which collects various mini-series, one-shots and back-up features featuring fictional paranormal detective Hellboy .  [1]  [2]  [3]


The Corpse

This story by Mike Mignola based on the Irish folktale  Teig O’Kane and the Corpse  was originally serialized in two-page installments in Capital City’s  Advance Comics  # 75- # 82 and was reprinted in full for the first time in the one-shot  The Corpse and the Iron Shoes  (January 1, 1996 ) along with back-up feature  Iron Shoes  .  [4]  [5]

Mignola has said that when he first completed the story he thought it was the most important thing he had ever written about it, but he always thought about it. is one of the best.  [3]

In the story Hellboy travels to Ireland in 1959, where a young couple enlist their support after their child Alice is replaced with a changeling . Hellboy is Entrusted with the corpse of Tam and O’Clannie Told he must give it a Christian burial by daybreak to recover the missing child. Hellboy battles with malicious fairy (and future nemesis) Gruagach and aquatic nightmare Jenny Greenteeth before finally settling down and recovering the baby.  [3]

The story Was later reprinted in the one-shot  Hellboy: The Corpse  (March 24, 2004 ) published to tie-in with the release of the first  Hellboy  movie with behind-the-scenes art from a sequence inspired it.  [6]

Iron Shoes

This story by Mike Mignola was created as a back-up feature for the one-shot release of  The Corpse  as a Mignola he did not want to expand the story of the title  The Corpse and the Iron Shoes  (January 1, 1996 ).  [4]  [5]

In the story Hellboy is in Ireland in 1961 for a story Introduced by folklorists Edwin D. Wolf and Katherine Boggs in qui he battles with the demonic  Iron Shoes  and Delivers it to a local parish church for ict destruction.  [3]

The story was adapted to the 2007 3-min animated short  Hellboy Animated: Iron Shoes  , directed by Tad Stones and starring Ron Perlman and Dan Castellaneta , as part of the Hellboy Animated Franchise and included as an extra on the  Hellboy Animated by Blood and Iron  DVD.  [7]

The Baba Yaga

This story by Mike Mignola was planned as a back-up feature for the  Monkeyman and O’Brien  mini-series by Art Adams .  [3]

In the story Hellboy travels to a cemetery near Bereznik, Russia in 1964 where he battles with Russian witch the Baba Yaga , shooting out his eye in an incident originally mentioned in  Hellboy: Wake the Devil  .  [3]

A Christmas Underground

This story by Mike Mignola based on an old folktale that he gave a more sinister twist to his first publication in the  Hellboy Christmas Special  he created with Gary Gianni.  [8]  [9]

In the story Hellboy travels to England on Christmas Eve 1989 where he walks through a graveyard in search of the daughter of a dying woman who is married to a prince of the underworld.  [3]

The Chained Coffin

This story by Mike Mignola based on an old folktale was first published in  Dark Horse Present 100  issue 2.  [3]

In the story Hellboy travels back to East Bromwich where he has a vision of a priest and a family member of the family. to him as “my favorite sound”.  [3]

The Wolves of Saint August

Cover for  The Wolves of St. August by Mignola.

This story by Mike Mignola was written by John Byrne and was originally serialized in eight-page installments as a back-up feature in  Dark Horse Presents  (issue 88-91, August-November 1994 )  [10] ]  [11]  [12]  [13]  and the file Managed Was in trade paperback  Hellboy: The Wolves of Saint August  (November 1995 ) with Some additional pages to smooth out the rough edges.  [14]

Mignola has told the story, based on an Irish folktale about St. Patrick’s cursing a group of pagans, was written on the advice of editor Barbara Kesel to prove to the audience that the creator was committed to turning Hellboy into an ongoing franchise.  [3]

In the story Hellboy and Corrigan travel to Griart, The Balkans in 1994 to find the town decimated by the angry ghosts of werewolves and their associate Father Kelly murdered by a living werewolf.  [3]

The trade paperback won the 1996 “Best Graphic Album of Previously Published Work” Harvey Award .

Almost Colossus

This story by Mike Mignola was originally published in two-issue mini-series  Hellboy: Almost Colossus  (June-July 1997 ) with back-up feature  Autopsy in B-flat  by Gary Gianni .  [15]  [16]  [17]  [18]

In the story Hellboy and Corrigan search for the homunculus rogue Roger who has encountered his ‘brother’, a more crude homunculus created before himself. The brother seeks to take revenge on humanity using a homosexuality. Roger uses Sherman’s power over the giant body and slay his brother. Roger then returns to the BPRD base to restore Sherman and return to his comatose state.

Mignola won the 1998 “Best Writer / Artist: Drama” Eisner Award in this mini-series.


This collection includes a pinup gallery featuring art by BC Boyer , Duncan Fegredo , Dave Johnson , Kevin Nowlan , Thierry Robin , and Matt Smith .  [3]


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