Hellboy Junior

Hellboy Junior is a one-shot and two-issue comic book mini-series published by American Dark Horse Comics Company . Written and drawn by Bill Wray , Mike Mignola and others, it features a younger version of the fictional character Hellboy .

Publication history


Halloween Special

Hellboy Junior Halloween Special (October 15, 1997) featured by Bill Wray. [1] [2]

Mignola Won the 1998 “Best Writer / Artist: Drama” Eisner Award in his work on this one-shot.

title Creators
Maggots, Maggots, Everywhere Story & Art: Bill Wray
Hell ridden Hellboy Jr. is getting into the world of love by Adolf Hitler.
Wheezy The Sick Little Witch
  • Story: Bill Wray
  • Art: Stephan DeStefano
After a sick Wheezy Witch spreads her heart to her friends, she turns to Jasper the friendly ghost for a cure.
The Ginger-Beef Boy
  • Story: Bill Wray
  • Art: Hilary Barta
A barren Chinese couple name Jackie and Bruce Lee a child who knows how to come alive and runs away from home.
The Creation of Hellboy Jr. Story & Art: Bill Wray & Mike Mignola
Bill and Mike battle it out in their backyard.
Somnambo The Sleeping Giant Story & Art: Bill Wray
Eric the Unclean advises the people of Poobie Caca how to wake up the sleeping guardian to protect them from rampaging trolls.
Hellboy Jr. Pinup Art: Kevin Nowlan
Full page pinup.
The Devil Do not Smoke Story & Art: Mike Mignola & Bill Wray
Hellboy, Jr., The Flying to the Mortal World to Further Study in German Folklore .

Issue 1

Hellboy Junior issue 1 (October 20, 1999) with a wrap-around cover Bill Wray. [3] [4]

title Creators
Magical Mushroom Trip
  • Story: Bill Wray
  • Art: Dave Cooper
Hellboy Jr. trades Idi Amin ‘s gold teeth grow your own mushroom kit that sends him a psychedelic trip through hell with a beetle called Brad.
The Wolvertons
  • Story: Bill Wray
  • Art: Pat McEown
Alaskan lumberjack Sven Wolverton and Harriet his crash-landed alien wife watch over the twisted love lives of their deformed half-breed children Brad and Tiffany.
Hellboy Jr. Pinup Art: Glenn Barr
Full page pinup.
Huge Retarded Duck Pinup Art: Stephan DeStefano
Full page pinup.
Squid of Man
  • Story: Bill Wray
  • Art: Mike Mignola
Rogue ichthyologist Pr. Plankton Tidepool attempts to outwit Death when he breathes life into his creations squidman and lobster lady.

Issue 2

Hellboy Junior issue 2 (November 17, 1999) with cover by Hilary Barta . [5] [6]

title Creators
The House of Candy Bread
  • Story: Bill Wray
  • Art: Hilary Barta
Hellboy Jr. travel to the Forbidden Forest of Feasibility Dwellings with his demonic pal Donnie where he falls under a witch’s spell.
Sparky Bear Story & Art: Bill Wray
Fire prevention mascot Sparky goes rogue after his marriage to a humane
Huge Retarded Duck
  • Story: Bill Wray
  • Art: Stephan DeStefano
Full page pinup.
Huge Retarded Duck Pinup Art: Stephan DeStefano
When Huge Retarded Duck runs away from home after a family argument he has a series of encounters that mean the tables are turned when he finally returns.
Hellboy Jr. Gets a Car Story & Art: Mike Mignola
When Hellboy Jr. tests drives Duke Barbator’s new car for Gorgalac he finds himself getting into some serious trouble that could spell the end.

Collected editions

Hellboy Junior trade paperback (January 21, 2004 ) collects all the material from Hellboy Junior Halloween Special , Hellboy Junior # 1 and Hellboy Junior # 2 plus original material. [7] [8]

  • Hellboy Jr. vs. Hitler


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