Haunted Love

Haunted Love  was a horror – romance anthology comic book series published by Charlton Comics from 1973 – 1975. It was part of the Gothic Romance comic book mini-trend of the era, which included the short-lived DC Comics series  The Dark Mansion Of Forbidden Love  and the  Sinister House of Secret Love  , and Atlas / Seaboard Comics ‘ one-shotmagazine  Gothic Romances  . (  Haunted Love  was also part of Charlton’s wave of early 1970s horror-themed titles, including  Ghostly Haunts  ,  Haunted Midnight Tales  , and  Scary Tales  .)

Edited by George Wildman , contributors to  Haunted Love  included Joe Gill writers , Nick Cuti , and Pete Morisi ; and artists Charles Nicholas , Joe Staton , Steve Ditko , Sanho Kim, Enrique Nieto , Pat Boyette , and Vince Alascia . Tom Sutton contributed many of the covers.

The Charlton Imprint Modern Comics published one of the  Haunted Love  reprints in 1978.


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