Haunt (comics)

Haunt  is a fictional comic book superhero who appeared in a self-titled ongoing series published by Image Comics . Created by Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman , the series debuted in October 2009  [1]  and ended in December 2012 after 28 issues. The comic was originally written by Kirkman with pencils by Ryan Ottley , by Greg Capullo , and byks by McFarlane.  [2]  Joe Casey and Nathan Fox took over the book as creative team of  Haunt  # 19.  [3]

The book’s eponymous hand is the merged form of Catholic priest Daniel Kilgore, and the ghost of his murdered secret agent brother, Kurt.  [4]


In a 2008 interview with Newsarama , Kirkman explained that the initial storyline in  Haunt  deals with Kurt trying to solve his own murder.  [5]  In February 2009 at New York’s Comic Con , Kirkman provided an overview of the series:

The main basis of the story is that there are two brothers who hate each other for a long time and are forced to interact with each other. It’s a big action extravaganza from there on out.  [6]

Background and creation

Co-creator Todd McFarlane signing at Haunt poster at the 2011 New York Comic Con .

During a session at the San Diego 2006 Comic-Con , McFarlane called on Kirkman, who was seated in the audience. Kirkman was a fan, and wanted to know why McFarlane did not work on comics anymore.  [7]  Not Recognizing Kirkman, McFarlane Responded, “I always sort of felt If You Could create your own Mickey Mouse , it’s a pretty good living. You do not need to do a Donald Duck and has Goofy and a Minnie Mouse . Arguably , [I’ve done that] with Spawn . ”  [8]  He added, “I have some ideas, but I can only spread myself so thin.”  [8]  Fellow panelist Brian Haberlinfinally told McFarlane that the audience member was Kirkman.  [8]  After exchanging jokes, McFarlane asked Kirkman if he would be interested in collaborating on a project, to which Kirkman agreed.  [5]  [8]

Kurt was named after Kurt Vonnegut , while Daniel was named after Vonnegut’s character, Kilgore Trout .

In 2007, Kirkman and McFarlane announced that they were working together on a new comic property.  Haunt  with a series to debut in early 2008.  [9]  [10]

In July 2008 Kirkman explained that the book had been delayed.  [5]  Ottley and Capullo were joining the art team. It was also revealed that McFarlane would draw covers for the series.  [4]

In February 2009, Image provided a series of teaser images to Comic Book Resources featuring the first artwork for  Haunt  .  [11]  [12]  [13]

The first teaser was released in July 2009, but no firm was established until July, when Image announced the first issue would be released October 7, 2009.  [1]  McFarlane has shouldered the blame for the delays,  [14]  saying, ” I did not want to be in a position where I was able to make a solicitation for the sake of putting on a solicitation, that’s too easy.  [15]  He added, “I know it’s been a little frustrating to Robert, but it’s already been two years – what’s two years and one month? We’re gotta get it right.”  [15]  In July, a limited edition, 16-page preview book debuted at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con.  [4]


  • Daniel Kilgore – Associate priest, he later quits his Church to join The Agency.
  • Kurt Kilgore – a deceased Agency agent and Daniel’s estranged brother, the two become closer after his murder and the Agency trains Daniel.
    • Haunt – this being is created when Kurt ‘s spirit merges with Daniel’ s body. They are merged through Kurt’s spiritual tether to Daniel and generate ectoplasm.
  • Director Beth Tosh – Kurt’s Lover, now acting Director of the Agency.
  • Mirage – an agent working for the Agency and another trainer of Kurt’s, she watches over Daniel’s progress.
  • Assistant Director Theresa Rhodes – a sleeper agent in the Agency, she was instrumental in Kurt’s murder.
  • Mr. Hurg – a crime boss obsessed with fitness and health, he orchestrated Kurt ‘s death and is highly skilled in combat.
  • Cobra – an assassin hired by Mr. Hurg, his face is mutilated by Haunt, and resconstructive surgery leaves him very similar to his namesake.
  • Amanda Kilgore – Kurt’s Widow and Daniel’s train lover / wife. Her relationship with Daniel was cut short to her infidelity with Kurt.



Less than a week before the release of  Haunt  # 1, columnist Rich Johnston reported that comic book retailers pre-ordered nearly 60,000 copies of the first issue, which is more than a typical issue of  The Amazing Spider-Man  .  [16]


Haunt  # 1 received mixed reviews from critics. Jason Green of Playback: “Weird, wildly violent stuff, but it’s also a visceral thrill, evocative artwork.”  [17]  Green praised each of the book’s creators, saying that they “mesh perfectly.”  [17]  On the other hand, Jesse Schedeen of IGN said Kirkman “Do not offer any of his usual wits.” Daniel and Kurt have no real depth to them. Too seriously to become a silly melodrama. ”  [18]

Chad Nevett of Comic Book Resources called the artwork “disappointing, if only because Ryan Ottley is a better artist than  Haunt  # 1’s work displays.”  [19]  Nevett also criticized the book for reading “almost like a parody of itself with dark characters, […] excessive violence, […] and a character design influenced by McFarlane’s work on Spider-Man .”  [19]  Haunt’s design was also considered similar to symbiotes in Spider-Man.

Collected editions

Trade paperbacks

title Material collected Publication date ISBN
Haunt, Volume 1 Haunt  # 1-6 April 2010 978-1607061540
Haunt, Volume 2 Haunt  # 7-12 February 2011 978-1607062295
Haunt, Volume 3 Haunt  # 13-18 June 2012 978-1607065524
Haunt, Volume 4 Haunt  # 19-24 October 2012 978-1607065883
Haunt, Volume 5 Haunt  # 25-28 January 2014 978-1607066798


title Material collected Publication date ISBN
Haunt: Immortal Edition Haunt  # 1-12 August 2011 978-1607062417


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