GRAVE Grrrls

GRAVE Grrrls  : The Destroyers of the Dead  is a 2005 comic book mini-series .

Publication history

SERIOUS Grrrls: Destroyers of the Dead  Was published as a monthly three-issue comic book limited series by Midnight Show in 2005 .  [1]  [2]

It was re-released by The Scream Factory in a digital edition for a brief time only on WOWIO in April 2008

Plot synopsis

A new nano-technology developed to cure Alzheimer’s Disease (the Project: Born Again Chip) is somehow bringing the dead back to life with an insatiable hunger for human flesh, and it’s going to take three “enhanced” female government ops known as the GRAVE (Genetically Refined and Virally Enhanced) Grrrls to solve the mystery and the dead back to bed. But that only raises more questions- both to the zombie plague and their own origins.


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