Ghosts (comics)

Ghosts  is a horror comics anthology series published by DC Comics for 112 issues from September-October 1971 to May 1982. Its tagline was “True Tales of the Weird and Supernatural” (December 1978), changed to “New Tales of the Weird and Supernatural” , “as of # 75 (April 1979), and dropped after # 104 (September 1981).

Publication history

The first issue was written entirely by Leo Dorfman . To avoid having it seems like a single writer was monopolizing the comic, editor Murray Boltinoff had Dorfman uses the pseudonyms “Geoff Brown” (Dorfman’s was named “Geoff” and his wife’s maiden name was “Brown”) and “David George”.  [1]

Ghosts  was one of several horror-mystery-suspense DC Comics series. According to DC Comics writer and executive Paul Levitz ,  Ghosts  “was not a favorite fan (then or in retrospect), it was a disproportionately good seller.”  [2]  Nick Cardy was the cover artist for  Ghosts  for issues # 1-6, 8-15, and 17-36.  [3]

Each issue of  Ghosts with  multiple stories of the supernatural. The stories were prefaced by a short description introducing the term and ending with a summation of how a mysterious justice was dealt to the evildoers of the tale.  [4]  The first issue of this series with the singular title  Ghost  in its indicia, but everywhere else, including its own cover, it was the plural  Ghosts  , as the indicia would read from # 2 on .  [5]  Limited Collectors’ Edition  # C-32 (Dec. 1974-Jan. 1975) reprinted stories from  Ghosts  # 1, 3-6 and featured new material by Leo Dorfman and artists Gerry Talaoc, ER Cruz , and Frank Redondo.  [6]

Starting with issue # 37 (April 1975), a new regular feature was added. Robert L. Ripley’s  Believe it or Not!  features. These one-page introductory spreads were usually titled “Ghosts and the Supernatural.” A  Ghosts Special  was published in December 1977 as part of the  DC Special Series  umbrella title .  [7]   Ghosts  # 95 (Dec. 1980), introduced to the  Ghosts  readership of its first continuing-character feature, ” Dr. 13 – The Ghost-Breaker .” The character encounted the spectrum in a three-issue storyline.  [8] [9]  [10]  The “Dr. Thirteen” feature last appeared in # 102 (July 1981).

For the most part,  Ghosts  was not “hosted” by a recurring character used in a framing sequence. In issue # 104 (September-October 1981), however,  Squire Shade  was introduced as the title’s host. He lasted in this position until the book was canceled with issue # 112 (May 1982).

2012 one-shot

Ghosts  one-shot was published in October 2012 and featured a story by Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire .  [11]

Collected editions

  • Showcase Presents : Ghosts  Collects Ghosts # 1-18, 512 pages, February 2012,ISBN 1-4012-3317-1
  • The Steve Ditko Omnibus  Volume 1 includes  Ghosts  # 77: “Ghost, Where Do You Hide?” by Jack C. Harris and Steve Ditko and  Ghosts  # 111: “Shrieeeeeek!” by Sheldon Mayer and Ditko, 480 pages, September 2011, ISBN  1-4012-3111-X


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