Ghostly Tales

Ghostly Tales  was a horror -suspense anthology comic book series published by Charlton Comics from 1966 to 1984 (though it was primarily reprinted title from 1978 onward). The book was “hosted” by  Mr. L. Dedd  (later changed to  IM Dedd  ), a middle-aged gentleman with purplish skin and horns who dressed like a vampire . Mr. Dedd spun his “ghostly tales” from the haunted house.

Ghostly Tales  was published by Charlton during this period. His sister titles, with many of the same creators, were the Charlton anthologies  The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves  (with host Dr. MT Graves),  Haunted  (with Impy and then Baron Weirwulf),  Ghost Manor  (with host Mr. Bones), and  Ghostly Haunts  (with Winnie the Witch).

Publication history

Ghostly Tales  debuted with issue # 55, taking over the numbering of  Blue Beetle  vol. 3 (which has had the numbering of  Unusual Tales  ).  Ghostly Tales  was predominantly bimonthly during its run; It was primarily a reprint title with issue # 127 (Jan. 1978), republishing material from its own archives and its title titles. and some Golden Age Untitled  Tales and Fawcett’s  This Magazine is Haunted  – whose rights are Charlton owned.) Altogether,  Ghostly Tales  published 115 issues.

Regular contributors to the book included Pat Boyette , Steve Ditko , Wayne Howard , Russ Jones & Bhob Stewart , and Rocke Mastroserio . Over the course of its 18-year run,  Ghostly Tales  was edited by Pat Masulli , Sal Gentile , and George Wildman . Wildman edited the title for more than twelve years, from issue # 97 (August 1972) until its cancellation with issue # 169 (Oct. 1984).

Horror comics in general were in decline in the early 1980s, and Charlton in particular was suffering financially. In October 1984, Charlton suspended publication, and  Ghostly Tales ended with the rest of the company’s remaining titles.  [1]


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