Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation

Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation  is a six-issue comics miniseries starring the supernatural superhero biker Ghost Rider . It is written by Garth Ennis , illustrated by Clayton Crain , and was first published under the Marvel Knights imprint of Marvel Comics from 2005 to 2006. Although “Road to Damnation” was the title of the story, the title of the book was simply  Ghost Rider  when it was first published. When the miniseries was collected in 2006, it was published under the name:  Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation  .


A demon by the name of Kazaan found a way to bring hell to the world. Ghost Rider has been trapped in hell for two years where every night, he should be able to get away from it. But every single night, the worst demons in hell chase him to the gates and tear him apart, to be put back together in the morning and repeat the torment again. One night he meets an angel named Malachi . Malachi tells Ghost Rider that he can stop Kazaan, he will be free from hell. Ghost Rider also has to beat an archangel named Ruth and a demonnamed Hoss to Kazaan. He eventually teams up with Hoss to beat Ruth. In the end, Kazaan is feeling back to hell. Malachi tells Ghost Rider that he lied, and no one can ever truly escape the pit. Malachi is suddenly attacked; his wings being ripped off by mort. Though the Ghost Rider succeeds in his mission, he is told ‘Ya gotta take your pleasure where ya can.’ The Ghost Rider returns to his punishment of racing to the gates every night, but he now drags Malachi in chains behind his motorcycle to be forever tortured with him.

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