Filthy Rich (comics)

Filthy Rich  is a 2009 novel written by Brian Azzarello . It was one of two books to launch Vertigo ‘s Vertigo Crime line along with Ian Rankin ‘s  Dark Entries  .  [1]  [2]  The interior art was created by Victor Santos and was made by Lee Bermejo .


The story centers on Richard “Junk” Junkin, a former professional coach has been employed as a salesman. When Junk’s boss at the showroom asks him to become his daughter’s personal bodyguard during his nights out on the New York club scene he can not believe his luck. Junk has been lusting after his boss’s daughter for a long time and sees an excellent opportunity get close to her. But Junk soon realize that his boss ‘s daughter, Victoria wants a lot more than just a bodyguard and she’ s going to be all over the place.

Release details

  • Filthy Rich  (by Brian Azzarello and Victor Santos, 200 pages, Vertigo, August 2009, ISBN  1-4012-1184-4 )


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  • Filthy Rich  at the DB Comic Book

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