Elsinore (comics)

Elsinore  is an American comic book published by Devil’s Due Productions . It is written by Ken Lillie-Paetz

Elsinore  tells the tale of  Murchison  , a disgraced doctor who was recruited by the titular asylum in order to help prevent the apocalypse . The series was slated for a run of nine issues and eventually Only five issues have ever published. Issue five shipped in February 2006. Mark Sparacio did the art on the issue of Devil’s Due publishing house.


The comic was originally published by  Alias ​​Comics  , but moved to their current publisher as of issue 4. While at Alias, the book was pencilled by Brian Denham . Denham also submitted a few pages to issue 4, while Brian Denham, Mark Sparacio, and Kelly Mellings, based on Ken Lillie- Paetz, the story remains unfinished.

In the first two issues, two pages were printed incorrectly, leaving the lettering out entirely. In issue 1, this did not affect the plot. But did not affect giving some insight to the character of Dr. Murchison (who was not introduced until page 17 of issue 1). In # 2, however, a key plot was missing in the dialogue. To make up for this book, you need to read the book here to help you get started with Devil’s Due, the publisher made the first three issues available for free online . Online editions of Elsinore 1-5 are available at www.pullboxonline.com and at www.wowio.com

The electronic-industrial band Weave composed a companion soundtrack for  Elsinore  called  Cell 29A  . Additionally, Weave’s video for their song “While i Bern Their Bodies Kleen” features characters from  Elsinore  .

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