Dracula (Dell Comics)

Dracula  is a superhero comic book series published by Dell Comics , based on the classic Universal Pictures monsters (  Frankenstein  and  Werewolf  ).

Publication history

Dracula  lasted 3 issues from 1966 through 1967, numbered 2 through 4. (# 1, published in 1962, was an adaptation of the 1931 film ). In 1972-73, Dell reprinted the series, numbering them # 6-8 (the reason for skipping issue # 5 is unknown).

Series background

Dracula  is a live modern-day descendant of the original Count Dracula now working as a medical researcher in the old family castle in Transylvania Where, due à son experiments to Develop a cure for brain damage using a serum Developed from bat blood , he accidentally gains strange ” vampire ” -like powers, including the ability to turn into a superhuman sight and hearing. He decides to embark on a new career in order to redeem his family name, developing his body through diet and exercise to the peak of physical perfection and designing his own distinctive crimson-cowled purple suit with a bat-shaped gold buckle belt, after which he vows to fight evilsuperstition in all its forms.

Leaving for America after the local peasants burn down his castle, he adopts the secret identity of ”  Al U. Card  ” (a hastily chosen pseudonym for “Aloyisius Ulysses Card”). In issue # 4, his girlfriend and confidante, blond socialite  B.B. Beebe  , gains the same powers and became his blue-clad sidekick  Fleeta  (from ” fledermaus “, the German word for bat), bringing to the team not only a black belt in judo but also an abandoned hidden underground government radar installation / bomb shelter on his family ‘s mountain estate that Dracula uses as his secret laboratory.

Dracula’s Oath

“I pledge by the strange powers which have become mine to fight against injustice, corruption, evil and greed which fills this earth in the hopes that somehow my example will be an example to all men.”

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