Djustine  is an Italian comic book series created by Enrico Teodorani .

The Djustine character was created by Sergio Corbucci’s film character Django , and the Marquis de Sade’s titular ” Justine “.  [1]

Publication history

In the late 1990s the wild comic adventures of Djustine, a blond female gunslinger, were published as photocopies, sold only in Italy or through the mail to fans of supernatural western comics. Since 2003, Djustine has been regularly published in Italy on books by Edizioni and on X-Comics by Coniglio Editore and in the United States in the series  Djustine: Tales of the Twisted West  by Carnal Comics .

The creator of  Djustine  , Enrico Teodorani, has also written for the superhero series  Femforce  , published by AC Comics in the USA, and is also the creator of  Calavera  and  Wheela  , both published in Italy by Carnival Comics and Eros Comix . In 2011 he left the comic field and then in 2013 started writing hard-boiled novels set in Italy.


Artists Who-have done  Djustine  art and stories include Italian Artists Such As Silvano, Luciano Bernasconi , Andrea Bulgarelli, Luigi Siniscalchi Luca Raimondo, Nik Guerra Cristina Fabris Gianluca Pagliarani Luca Casalanguida and Antonio Conversano, Americans like Joe Vigil, Mike Hoffman, Frank Brunner , Val Mayerik , Marat Mychaels, Tim Tyler, Jeff Austin, Jason Crager (Jewett), Sam Glanzman , Jason Waltrip and SS Crompton, and other international artists like Enrique Badia Romero , Alfonso Font and John McCrea .


The normal adult-natured adventures of Djustine involve supernatural creatures (such as werewolves , zombies and demonic beings ). All the stories take place in a strange, gothic western world of the 1880s.


  1. Jump up^  – Enrico Teodorani explains the origin of the Djustine character (page 77)

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