Death Walks the Streets (comics)

Death Walks the Streets  is a 2010 comic book limited series based on an unproduced screenplay for a movie of the same title. The comic is a prequel, set three years prior to the timeline in the screenplay.  [1]  [2]

Publication history

Death Walks the Streets  was first released by The Scream Factory on June, 26 2008 .  [3]  Issue # 0 was released in a standard, retail edition featuring a Werewolf cover,  [4]  and a World Wizard Chicago 2008 exclusive convention, limited to 333 pieces.  [5]  The Wizard World version was available at their Chicago event, which was held from June 26-29, 2008 .

On October 10, 2008 news that Fangoria Comics had been reinstated, and that  Death Walks the Streets  would continue under the Fangoria Graphix line, published by Fangoria .  [6]

Further news arrived on October 31, as release plans for both digital and print editions of the title were announced.  [7]

The Fangoria brand, Fangoria Graphix was once again released in 2009 after a new issue of  Death Walks the Streets  series.  [8]

On February 19, 2010 , rumors began swirling that the Scream Factory had been reinstated after a cover for a new issue of  Death Walks the Streets  surfaced the company’s trade dressing online.  [9]

The return of The Scream Factory Was confirmed on May 10, 2010 have Fearnet Reported que la HAD company partnered with Panelfly to bring Their comics into digital formats for the iPhone , iPad , and iPod Touch .  [10]

Plot synopsis

Three years before DWTS I, an Organization Soldier named Michael Labou Danielle and Malcolm. Charged with tracking down and capturing a person wanted by The Organization, it’s anything but business as usual on the streets of New Marshall.

Vampires – Demons – Zombies – Werewolves – The Mob.


Is not it Cool News that the zero issue is “a pretty good story” along with “a great premise.”  [11]  In view of Issue # 1, they say that “there is something about the surface and that it is very difficult to anticipate the big satanic hoof to drop is palpable” along with declaring that “DEATH WALKS THE STREET is a welcome addition to a line of comics that is printed horror right. ”  [12]

Eric Anderson of the Pullbox called the “smart horror at it’s [  sic  ] finest.”  [13]

Movie adaptation

The comic book is a prequel to a possible film.

Death Walks the Streets  in popular culture

Napalm Death guitarist Mitch Harris can be seen wearing a  Death Walks the Streets  T-shirt in the music video for the song “On the Brink of Extinction” from the album Time Waits for No Slave .


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