Death Rattle (comics)

Death Rattle  was an American black-and-white horror anthology comic book series published in three volumes by Kitchen Sink Press in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.  Death Rattle is not related to the Australian one-shot comic  Death Rattle  , published by Gredown in c. 1983.  [1]

Starting out as an underground comix homage to classic horror comics like  Tales from the Crypt  ,  [2]  [3]   Death Rattle  Did not fall under the purview of the Comics Code , Allowing the title to feature stronger content – Such As profanity, nudity, and graphic violence – than other comparable horror titles.  [3]

Publication history

Death Rattle  Volume 1 was published from June 1972-June 1973 under the Krupp Comic Works imprint, putting out three issues in all.

Twelve years later,  Death Rattle  was revived for volume 2, publishing 18 issues between October 1985-October 1988 under the Kitchen Sink Comix imprint. The first five issues were in full color, but for issue # 6 on the title reverted to black-and-white.

Death Rattle  volume 3 ran five issues from Dec. 1995-June 1996, again under the Kitchen Sink Comix imprint.

Death Rattle  Vol. 1

The early 1970s saw a number of underground publishers putting out horror comics, from the San Francisco Comic Book Company ‘s  Bogeyman  ; Rip Off Press ‘  Skull  and  Up From the Deep  ; Richard Corben ‘s  Fantagor  ; the Mint Print ‘s  Insect Fear  and  Deviant Slice  ; Shroud’s  Gory Stories ; and Last Gasp ‘s  Two Fisted Zombies  .  [2]  Kitchen Sink Press joined the wave with  Death Rattle  .

The first volume of  Death Rattle  featured the work of Tim Boxell, including Richard Corben , Peter Poplaski, John M. Pound, Mike Vosburg , and Tom Veitch .

Death Rattle  Vol. 2

Death Rattle  volume 2 was notable for being one of the few horror titles published during the 1980s, rivaled only by DC Comics ‘  Swamp Thing  and FantaCo Enterprises ‘ s  Gore Shriek  .

The second volume of  Death Rattle  was lead-edited by Dave Schreiner; The series is most notable for Jaxon’s 11-part, 126-page “Bulto … The Cosmic Slug”, about a space creature’s effect on the people of the ancient Southwest. Rand Holmes did many of the covers. Mark Schultz’s story “Xenozoic!”, Published in  Death Rattle  # 8 (Dec. 1986), launched its own title,  Xenozoic Tales  , shortly thereafter.  [4]

Other notable contributors to the second volume of  Death Rattle  Were Charles Burns , Charles Dallas, Richard Corben , Will Eisner , Steve Stiles , Mike Baron , Sam Kieth , Basil Wolverton , Stephen R. Bissette , Spain Rodriguez , William Stout , Joe Coleman , Al Williamson , Wally Wood , Don Simpson , Dan Burr , and Frank Miller (who illustrated the cover of the final issue).

The letters page was known as “Fang Mail.”

Death Rattle  Vol. 3

Contributors to the third volume of  Death Rattle  included Brian Biggs , Mark Schultz , Mark A. Nelson , John Wagner , Alexander Maleev , James O’Barr , Tony Millionaire , John Wooley , Tom Sutton , Matt Howarth , and Thomas Ott .

Death Rattle  Volume 3 was edited by Phil Amara, NC Christopher Couch, and Catherine Gornie; it was nominated for the 1997 Harvey Award for Best Anthology.  [5]



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