Deadworld  is an ongoing American comic book published by Desperado Publishing in association with IDW Publishing .

The series follows survivors in a post-apocalyptic scenario brought on by zombie attacks. Led by King Zombie, Deadworld brings a different slaughtering zombies.  

Publication history

Originally published by Arrow Comics ,  Deadworld  was written and created by Stuart Kerr and Ralph Griffith in 1987 ,  [1]  scripted by Kerr for the first seven issues  [2]  [3]  and illustrated by Vince Locke . The comic book quickly became a favorite success in the independent publisher industry.  quote needed  ]

Arrow Comics Ceased Production of all titles, sold the rights object of the title to Locke Who Transferred the rights to Gary Reed ‘s Caliber Comics . By the twelfth issue of the title, Reed took over the primary writer.  [4]  The first volume of  Deadworld  ended in 1992 after twenty-six issues. One year later, a second volume began. The second volume ended after fifteen issues.

After a lull in its printing, the series returned to print in 2005 through Comics ,  [5]  with Gary Reed and Locke working on the series. By issue number 3, Croat comic artist Dalibor Talajić took over the picture of  Requiem to the World  . Following that, Image released  Deadworld: Frozen Over  with Guest Writer Michael Raicht and artist Federico Dallocchio .  Deadworld: Bits and Pieces  Collected by Transfuzion Publishing. Desperado released  Deadworld Chronicles which has been shown in the world of Deadworld.  Deadworld: Slaughterhouse  was released in 2010 with Sami Makkonen in a hardcover edition only. IDW released volumes one and two of  Deadworld Classics  which are the first out of print original 16 issues illustrated by Vince Locke . Gary Reed joined up with Gary Francis for the original graphic novel,  Deadworld: The Last Siesta  , illustrated by Mark Bloodworth and released through IDW ( ISBN  1613770448 ).

In 2012, Gary Reed teamed up again with Sami Makkonen to bring the world to life. The five-issue series, “War of the Dead” was released by IDW as a weekly comic series during the month of August and then collected in October ( ISBN  978-1613775080 ). It has a number of nominations including the Shel Dorf for Best mini-series  [6]  and Comic for Best Mini-Series  [7]  and won the Ghastly Award for honors excellence in horror comics as Best Mini-Series.  [8]

In October, 2012, Reed released a special graphic novel sized book called “Voices from the Deadworld”. This was a series of single pages of an original illustration from different artists.

Also in 2012, Reed licensed to PopFunk for t-shirts  [9]  and Breygent Marketing for a collector card series.  [10]  IDW also released the “Deadworld Omnibus” which collected the Image series “Requiem for the World” and “Frozen Over” plus the “Slaughterhouse” saga from Desperado. ( ISBN  978-1600108587 ).

The most recent series was Deadworld: Restoration, the full color follow up mini-series to War of the Dead, also from IDW which debuted in December 2013 with the final issue in April 2014.

In 2015, Reed launched Deadworld Zombie Soda, in 12 themed flavors: Orange Roamer (Orange); Goon Bitters (Cherry Cola); Royal Rotter (Black Cherry); Brain Sap (Cream Soda); Zeek Cocktail (Cotton Candy); Geek Juice (Vanilla Cream); Grisly Swill (Grape); Slow Decay (Vanilla Root Beer); Rot Berry (Strawberry); Twilight Shuffler (Root Beer); Morbid Mix (Green Apple); and Graveyard Delight (Ginger Ale). Each soda contains one of 48 label images drawn by various comic book artists.  [11]  [12]  [13]  [14]  A collectible soda trading card set featuring the label images was also released.  [15]  Additionally, Deadworld Premium Chips were released in 2 flavors: Original and BBQ.  [16]


Ongoing series

The ongoing series are:

Deadworld  vol. 1

  • # 1-9 (Arrow)
  • # 10-26 (Caliber)

Deadworld  vol. 2

  • # 1-15 (Caliber)

Limited series

From Caliber:

  • King Zombie  # 1-2
  • To Kill a King  # 1-3
  • Realm of the Dead  # 1-3
  • Tattoo  # 1-4
  • Deadworld Archives  # 1-3 (reprinted first three Arrow issues)

From Image

  • Deadworld  vol. 3 # 1-6 (2005)
  • Deadworld Frozen Over

From Desperado

  • Deadworld Slaughterhouse  OGN

From IDW

  • War of the Dead  # 1-5
  • Restoration  # 1-5

One shots

One shots include:

  • Deadworld: Daemonstorm
  • Dead Tales  : collection of back up story
  • Dead Killer  : collection of back up story
  • Deadworld: Necropolis
  • Deadworld: Plague
  • Roadkill: A Chronicle of the Deadworld
  • Tell Wolves: A Chronicle of the Deadworld
  • Deadworld: Bits & Pieces  : comic collection of short stories
  • Deadworld Chronicles  : All new tales of Deadworld
  • Deadworld: Voices from the Deadworld  : A narrative.


flight. 1

  • Mark Bloodworth
  • Paul Daly
  • Dan Day
  • Jack Herman
  • Phil Hester
  • Stuart Kerr
  • Vince Locke
  • Ron McCain
  • James O’Barr
  • Scott Parish
  • Gary Reed
  • Mark Winfrey

flight. 2

  • Chris Morea
  • Troy Nixey
  • Gary Reed
  • Galen Showman
  • Chris Torres

2005 to present

  • Mark Bloodworth
  • Federico Dallocchio
  • Vince Locke
  • Sami Makkonen
  • Mike Raicht
  • Gary Reed
  • Dalibor Talajić

Collected editions

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The series has been collected from a number of trade paperbacks :

  • Deadworld Book One  (WeeBee did not print first, Caliber did 2nd and 3rd printings)
  • Deadworld Book Two  (Caliber)
  • The Killer & The King  (Caliber) Reprinted as  The Dead Killer  (Image)
  • Realm Of The Dead  (Caliber)
  • Deadworld: Requiem for the World  (Picture) ISBN  1582407177
  • Bits and Pieces  : The Transfers of Shorts and Scenes
  • Deadworld Chronicles  : All New Stories (Desperado)
  • Deadworld Classic  :
    • Volume 1  (Deadworld  Collects  # 1-8, 288 pages, IDW, August 2010, ISBN  1-60010-817-2 )
    • Volume 2  (Deadworld  Collects  # 9-18, 272 pages, IDW, July 2011, ISBN  1-60010-925-X )
  • Deadworld Omnibus: Volume 1  (  Frozen Over  Reprints  ,  Slaughterhouse  and  Deadworld  3,352 pages, January 2011, IDW, ISBN  1-60010-858-X )
  • Deadworld: War of the Dead  ISBN  978-1613775080
  • Deadworld: Restoration  Shipping in June 2014. ISBN  978-1613779743

Deadworld CD-ROM library collection

Eagle One Media collected and released the first 46 issues of the original  Deadworld  comic book series along with two mini-series onto CD-ROM. Each page is scanned and viewable on one’s PC in protected (non-extractable) PDF format.


In June, 2009, it was announced that  Deadworld  was turned into a movie. Jeffrey D. Erb and Framelight Productions along with Dark Hero Studios partners David Hayter and Benedict Carver have teamed up with Bill Mechanic to turn the comic book into a zombie feature franchise.  [17]  In 2013, Gary Reed announced that the option had expired and he did not renew it. Nevertheless, the film has apparently been put on the schedule and is now in pre-production for a 2017 2017 release.  [18]


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