Cry for Dawn

Cry for Dawn was an American 9-issue horror anthology comic book . The book was first written by Joseph Michael Linsner and Joseph Monks with artwork by Joseph Michael Linsner. [1] The series featured guest artist and writers in some issues, but the work performed by Linsner and Monks. citation needed ] It was published by Cry for Dawn Productionsfrom 1989-1992 and introduced the character of Dawn, the goddess of birth and rebirth. Although Dawn served as an emcee in the Cry for Dawn issues, she would have many more titles dedicated to Sirius Entertainment , Image Comics , and

Cry for Dawn was a mature-readers-only title that hit the peak of the 1990s independent comic rise in the US market. citation needed ] Due to the artwork by Linsner and the cutting-edge subject matter the series dealt with, the title of the book is as follows. quote needed ]


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