Crossing Midnight

Crossing Midnight was an American horror / fantasy comic book series set in contemporary Japan. It was written by Mike Carey and illustrated by Jim Fern and Eric Nguyen , with covers by JH Williams III . Vertigo , DC Comics imprint , published the series. [1] Due to poor sales, the series was concluded after 19 issues. [2]

Carey HAS Said the series Was Born out de son love for Japanese and Korean movies, Such As My Beautiful Girl, Mari , and horror manga by creators Such As Junji Ito , Hideshi Hino , and Shigeru Mizuki . Carey’s version, however, is still intrinsically western. It is, he says, ” Hans Christian Andersen ‘s The Snow Queen set in Nagasaki .” [1]



Note: The following synopsis broadly covers the events of the first four issues.

Nagasaki twins Kai and Toshi are born on the side of midnight, an unexpected result of their father’s frivolous prayer at their grandmother’s shrine. As they grow up, Toshi becomes seemingly invulnerable to harm; has gone onto the rails as a child goes to school while walking unscathed. Kai himself proves impossible to insult with a knife. Another strange event affects me years later, when they and a childhood friend, Saburo, find themselves entering a magical fantasy world through the Sannō Shrine. When Kai spots a strange man stalking them, the twins run back to the real world, accidentally trapping their friend behind them. Still later, as teenagers, they find their way to the world. He is Aratsu, a god of swords, and has come to collect Toshi as payment for their father’s prayer years before. Toshi refused, so Aratsu kills her pet dog.

This causes two policemen, the mysterious detective Sato and the mute detective Yamada, to investigate. They begin to follow Kai around and it is implied that they know more about what is happening than he does.

After refusing Aratsu again, Toshi decides to kill herself by stealing a gun from a young thug named KK, who threatens to kill her in retaliation. Meanwhile, Kai finds himself taken back into the fantasy world by Saburo, who has not aged since he was last seen. Saburo now serves a dragon Lord Rinjin who is the mortal enemy of Aratsu. Rinjin tells Kai that if Toshi refuses Aratsu at third time, he will have to leave her alone. He tells Kai to ensure that this happens or there will be trouble. Toshi does not accept Aratsu’s third time, shooting him for good measure. However, the bullets only graze him and he slices his mother into parts as retaliation.

Toshi follows Aratsu into his palace and says that he will join him to restore his mother to life. In her bedroom, Kai ‘s mother’ s body is still unconscious. the story ends with Toshi following Aratsu to begin her new life.

Kai’s mother is under observation at a local hospital, where she remains unconscious and covered with scars from Aratsu’s swords. Kai’s grieving is interrupted by a gang of evil imps, which starts to consume pieces of his mother’s memory. They run when they have a problem, but soon find weapons in their homes. He is saved by Nidoru, goddess of needles, who dispatches them with ease.

She reveals that she is aware of the debt owed by Kai’s father to Aratsu. She also explains that the imps were attracted to her mother’s soul, which was also cut by Aratsu’s swords – shredded souls being easier to consume. She also explains that she and her master were the only ‘shepherds of point’ not to bow to Aratsu. As punishment, he killed her master. She says that if she agrees to help her take Aratsu down, she will get her back together and try to save her father, who is destined to die in a yakuza shoot-out that day. He agrees and his mother wakes up too late to stop walking with Nidoru.

In his mansion, Aratsu slices through Toshi with a special sword, leaving her existing in an eternal ‘now’. He says that if it displeases him, he will allow that time to elapse and she will vanish. He also has a new name, Hasharito or ‘little insect’, and tells her to think of her old name. Despairingly, she agrees.

Collected editions

# title ISBN Release date Collected material
1 Cut Here [3] ISBN  1-4012-1341-3 June, 2007 Crossing Midnight # 1-5
2 A Map of Midnight [4] ISBN  1-4012-1645-5 February, 2008 Crossing Midnight # 6-12
3 The Sword in the Soul ISBN  1-4012-1966-7 October, 2008 Crossing Midnight # 13-19


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