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Crawl To Me is a comic book miniseries That Was written and illustrated by Life of Agony bassist Alan Robert . [1] The series was published by IDW Publishing from June 2011 through October 2011 and covered by four issues. [2] The collected issues were released in a trade paperback on 17 January 2012 and a special “Evil Edgar Edition” was released on 14 August 2012 with additional artwork, an introduction by Walter Simonson, and cover artwork by Menton3. A limited “Red Label” deluxe edition was released in 2013 and featured on a slipcase, signature page, and hand-drawn artwork along with the material included in the “Evil Edgar Edition”. [3]

A film adaptation was announced in 2013, but seems to have gone into development hell . [4]


The story opens with Ryan Shelby, a seemingly average married man. He advises her to remain at her parents’ home as he does not know when the furniture will arrive and does not want her or her baby Grace to go without. Ryan is a boy on the move to a fleet of oncoming police cars, whose occupants rush to the neighboring house to arrest Ryan’s neighbor Edgar for charges of pedophilia and attempted kidnapping, as well as to search his house. Edgar, who is revealed to be a registered sex offender, refuses to comply with the police and opens fire, slaying several of the officers, but also getting shot in the process. Having overheard the shots, Ryan decides to investigate and mass murder in front of him. He’s more horrified when Edgar (who has glowing eyes at this point) gets his hands on him, only for Edgar to say that he knows Ryan and that he was “one of his favorites”. Edgar tries to kill Ryan, but fails due to lack of ammunition. Bewildered, Ryan wants to know how Edgar knows him and Edgar shows him a clown buckle, which Ryan recognizes. Reeling, Ryan runs to his house to take his pills and turns around to find that everything has been hallucinated. He talks to his wife soon after this and expresses concern about how real everything looked before it vanished. While talking to her, he reads the words “DO NOT TRUST HER” on his pill bottle.

His dog Max then approaches Ryan with a rat in his mouth, which Max got from the house’s basement. Ryan finds that the basement is covered in rat carcasses, which seems to have a glowing crawlspace in the wall that suddenly spews blood and skeletons, which try to grab Ryan. Terrified, Ryan calls out that this is just another hallucination. His wife Jess opens the door and finds him, because she’s so young. Ryan replies that Max is gone, as he is walking into the basement’s crawlspace shortly before the blood cam. Believing that this is just one of his episodes, Jess urges Ryan to stay up and look for Max later. After Ryan leaves, Jess cuts open a box (which she says her father brought) to see Edgar leering at her and tormenting Jess with stories of how he used to molest her. The appearance then seems to take control of the child’s relationship with the baby, stating that it would be better to get rid of it. Ryan wakes up to the sound of Grace crying and comes downstairs Ryan and Jess struggle over control of the scissors and Ryan ends up getting wounded in the process. Jess then runs out of the house while Ryan tries to calm her by saying that the house must be driving them. She replies that it is not the house that causes this, but themselves. While talking,

Ryan manages to pull Jess back inside, but Jess is still heavily shaken by the appearance and insists that Edgar is in the house with. Ryan is surprised that Jess knows Edgar’s name, as he is unaware that Jess was molested by him and never mentioned Grace. Ryan is then attacked by a swarm of rats. He makes a phone call to an extermination company, who informs a bewildered. A sinister looking extermination suddenly appears at the door, demanding entrance. He introduces himself as Timmy and says that he knows Ryan, as they attended grade school together. Ryan lets him in and shows him the crawlspace, only for Timmy to say that he sees human bones inside the crawlspace. Ryan goes back upstairs to get them something to drink, during which time he hears Timmy cry out. He rushes back downstairs to see Timmy inside the crawlspace, bloodied and demanding to know why Ryan did this to him. Ryan runs out of the basement in his bathroom, but only to find that his neck is covered with the words “U + ME4EVER”, which have been carved into his skin. Further examination shows that it’s all over one’s body and that it has also been locked in. Upstairs, Jess wakes up to find that the baby is missing and in her place is a drawing stick figure of Edgar and Grace, which then bursts into flames. Jess then runs into the basement, where she hears Grace crying out from the crawlspace. She climbs in, demanding Grace ‘ s return while Ryan screams from the bathroom for her to let him out and the house feels hot. Unbeknownst to him, the house is edgar’s drawing.

Ryan manages to get out of the bathroom, only to find Edgar waiting for him, who says they are now going to be together forever. He then proceeds to taunt Ryan by saying various things like that Ryan killed Timmy with a brick. Ryan then hears Jess calling out for him from the basement crawlspace. He goes after and decides to finally crawl into the space himself, where he sees a glowing light when he is back at the crawlspace where he is held down by dozens of arms. He cries out for someone to help him, only for several police officers to appear and say that they are trying to help him. They then pull him out of the crawlspace and it is revealed that Ryan is not an adult but actually a child. He tries to ask after Jessica and Grace, which the police assume is due to psychological trauma. They explain that Edgar had been kidnapped Ryan and held him in his life while he was being molested by Ryan and several other children, revealed to be Timmy and Jess. It’s more than just a terrible wounded was a shootoutrookie , who missed the crawlspace that Ryan and the others were hiding in and had not had a house fire, nobody would have found them. Ryan and Jess grew out of the world Ryan and Jess grew out of the world. Ryan and Jess’s entwined hands. Ryan’s fault, Jess, Ryan’s fault, and Jess’s relationship. leave the house behind forever, the officer hands Ryan has gotten that dog identified him as the missing Max.


Robert had moved into during Christmas of 2010, as the house had “an unfinished basement with a creepy crawl space in it”. [5] He Approached IDW Publishing series with the concept and in March 2011 Robert annoncé Plans to create Crawl To Me Alongside news That His debut miniseries Wire Hangers Would Have a movie adaptation. [5] [6] He said to himself that he had found with wire that he did not work at his own expense. [7]He further stated that “I am not satisfied with this issue, I do not find that I need to write a panel by panel script. ” [8] Roberts also decided to use a different artwork style than the one he employed with Wire Hangers , as he “did not want to get pigeonholed as” “Oh, it’s that guy’s work.” ” [7]


Critical reception for Crawl To Me HAS-been positive, [9] and Roberts HAS Reported que le first edition of the original trade paperback sold out. [7] Bloody Disgusting praised the series for its storyline and wrote, “If you’re in the mood for sex, you’re going to be sick.” [10] They also praised the “Red Label” deluxe edition, as they felt that the new artwork and the oversized printing “allow you to appreciate the nitty-gritty details of Robert’s artwork” and further praised Robert’s artwork style being “a unique style that meshes digital and hand drawn images. “The Jersey Journal also had praised for Crawl To Me , as they felt that the first issue gave a deeper perspective of people suffering from mental illness and the feeling that they were feeling comfortable. [12]

Movie adaptation

In 2012 It was annoncé That Crawl To Me Would Have a movie adaptation and That It Would Be directed by David Armstrong . citation needed ] David White and TJ Cimfel were added to the text by Jeff Mazzola and Christopher White. [13] Armstrong later left the project and was replaced in 2013 by Víctor García . [14] Roberts has stated that if possible, he would like to contribute to the film’s soundtrack. [15]


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