Chopper (comics)

Chopper is a horror comic book mini-series written by Martin Shapiro , illustrated by Juan Ferreyra (Who Was later Replaced by Cliff Richards from issue # 3 onward), and published by Asylum Press in 2011. [1] [2]

The series is a modern-day reimagining of the headless horseman from ” The Legend of Sleepy Hollow ” that takes place in Daytona Beach, Florida during Bike Week .


In the story, a police officer’s rebellious teenage daughter takes a strange new ecstasy-like drug at a party that causes her to see ghosts – and one of them is a headless Hell’s Angel on a motorcycle who collects the souls of sinners in the afterlife he wants her tainted soul.

Chopper HAS Elements of the movies A Nightmare on Elm Street and Candyman . Instead of being killed in your dreams, you’re vulnerable while you’re high on the supernatural drug.


Web Series

As share of an ambitious transmedia launch strategy, a prequel to the hand Chopper storyline Was Produced as a web TV series [3] starring actors Tyler Mane ( Halloween , X-Men) and Andrew Bryniarski ( The Texas Chainsaw Massacre , Batman Returns ). [4]


A film adaptation of the book is in the works. The screenplay was written by Martin Shapiro . [5] [6]


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