Chastity (comics)

Chastity is the name of a comic book in which it is primarily featured. It was produced and published by Chaos! Comics and currently owned by Tales of Wonder .

Fictional character biography

Original Chaos! Comics

Chastity Marks was an average American teenager to begin with. She was born in Toledo, Ohio by an abusive father. In 1976 Marks – now seventeen years of age – decides to run away from home. Her goal was to travel to London with the Royal Shakespeare Company and become an actress. She made it to New York City , and arrived in Manhattan on Halloween , broke and hungry. In order to make some money for a dancer’s nightclub , but swiftly found the profession not to her liking.

Leaving the club, She Was witness to an argument entre a black private investigator , Jackie Slade, and the club’s manager, as Jackie endeavored to retrieve His young niece from the establishment. The manager attempted to kill Slade, and Chastity stopped him, though they were still far from safe. Slade got Chastity off the premises alive, and gave him all the money he had on him, before going back to his niece again. He died shortly afterwards in the ensuing gunfight.

Finally reaching London, Chastity’s dreams of making it happen were taken over by the Academy’s door. So Chastity instead got involved in the newly emerging punk rock scene. Not too much later in the day when a vampirecalled Farley. She escaped by stabbing him in the eye with a drumstick … but she did not get away with her life.

Chastity awoke from the encounter to be a guest of the Countess, prominent member of the community. The Countess explains her new existence to her, and has discovered that she was uniquely undetectable to other vampires, trained her to be an assassin . She is one of the world’s best-known men, Billy Zone, lead man for the Nobs, and winning the grudge of the European Council of vampires.

Chastity returned to America in 1980, where she became part of the burgeoning Goth scene. That Halloween was surprised to see Jackie Slade enter a club she was innocent musicians. Afterwards she went to the New York Public Libraryto do some research, and discovered that ever since he died in 1976, his ghost was reported to return to Halloween to slaughter musicians. A bit more digging revealed that his targets, far from being innocent, were members of a group called Danton, and calling itself the Church of the Immortal. Chastity disguised herself and tried to locate the cult, eventually being captured by some of them and taken to their leader. Danton revealed that he was a six-hundred-year-old demon who drained his victims’ lives forces to survive, and that he was planning to use his musicians to place subliminal messages in their work so that they would be ensnared by his church, just as Jackie’s niece had been.

Chastity escaped, and feeling indebted to Slade for what he had done years before, she set out to eliminate Danton. Initially he eluded her, but she finally caught up with him during the Greenwich VillageCostume Parade, where he was stealing the life forces of those in attendance. Unfortunately for her, he was too powerful, and managed to drain her life too. This proved to be a mistake; Now that it has been contaminated with its vampirically tainted energies, Danton finally became vulnerable to Slade. The ghost made the work of the demon, freeing the spirits he had captured, including Chastity and his niece. His last communication with the vampiress was that she should live, for all of Danton’s victims. Following in Slade’s footsteps, she tries to fight evil and protect the innocent, because she was one? She wanted to live a normal life, but knows she can not. After Evil ErnieDecimated the city in the early 1990s to a new goal, to see him eradicated once and for all. After a confrontation with Evil Ernie, she suddenly developed a serious crush on him. Later on, she asked him if he wanted to join in a “relaxing” murder spree in Graceland , but Ernie rejected her.

New Chaos! Comics

In 1976, teenager Chastity Marks was an American runaway living in London. Punk rock was all the rage, and Chastity was soon running errands for a local band. One night while on the job she was attacked by a vampire. She escaped, but not with her life: Chastity was now a vampire, but with a twist. To the rest of the vampire world, she was completely undetectable.

Today, Chastity works freelance for the Cabal, a secret society of vampires, werewolves, and witches who rule over the monster underworld. As well as a master martial artist, Chastity serves as the most efficient and effective assassin, all the while trying to live a normal life.

Chastity comic series

  • Evil Ernie: Straight to Hell (1996)
  • Chastity: Theater of Pain (1997)
  • Chastity: Rocked (1998-1999)
  • Chastity: Lust for Life (1999)
  • Purgatori vs. Chastity (2000)
  • Chastity: Reign of Terror (2000)
  • Untold Tales Of Chastity (2000)
  • Chastity 1/2 (2001)
  • Chastity Love Bites (2001)
  • Chastity: Shattered (2001)
  • Bad Kitty : Reloaded (2001)
  • Lady Death & Chastity (2002)
  • Chastity: Heartbreaker (2002)
  • Chastity: Crazy Town (2002)
  • United: Lady Death & Chastity & Bad Kitty (2002)
  • Chastity: Re-Imagined (2002)
  • Chaos (2014) (Dynamite)
  • Chastity (2014) (Dynamite)
  • Swords of Sorrow (2015) (Dynamite)


Devil Due Publishing canceled the new Chaos! Comics in 2006 due to low sales and Chastity, Evil Ernie, and Purgatori remain in Limbo, without any projects being planned at the moment.

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