BPRD: The Soul of Venice and Other Stories

BPRD: The Soul of Venice & Other Stories is the second trade paperback collection in the BPRD series.

Publication history

The series of four one-shot comic books written by a variety of guest writers and artists were published in the month of September. Hellboy: Weird Tales in 2003 while Mignola was in Prague working on the first Hellboy movie. [1]

Collected stories

The Soul of Venice 

This story written by Miles Gunter and Michael Avon Oeming with Mike Mignola and drawn by Michael Avon Oeming was published in BPRD: The Soul of Venice (May 14, 2003).

In the story Sapien returns to Venice with Sherman, Kraus and Roger to investigate an environmental disaster in the canals that leads to the haunted home of the debauched 13th century vampire Lord Romulus Diovanni. Diovanni defeats the BPRD and uses the Tetragrammaton to summon the demonic Lord Shax to whom he offers the spirit of the Roman goddess Cloacina . Shams of Dying Diovanni and Roger is then able to destroy the vampire and release the goddess to restore the city.

Dark Waters 

This story written by Brian Augustyn with art by Guy Davis was published in BPRD: Dark Waters (July 23, 2003).

In the story when draining the town in Shiloh, Massachusetts reveals the well-preserved bodies of three sisters killed during a witch-hunt in 1693 Sapien and Roger are sentenced to investigate. Pastor Blackwood has a descendant of the town’s original Witchfinder, and is now able to initiate a proper Christian service for the sisters who sends them to their eternal stay with Blackwood.

Night Train 

This story was written by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins with Scott Kolins and Dave Stewart was published in BPRD: Night Train (September 17, 2003).

In the story Lobster Johnson fails to stop a Nazi saboteur killing his assistant and destroying a train carrying scientists and equipment for the Manhattan Project in Colorado 1939. Sherman and Roger investigate a vengeful ghost train in present-day Alabama that leads them to the now saboteur who imposes his aura on Sherman so the ghosts take her instead. Roger has a vision of the ghost of Johnson who helps him to prove himself by rescuing Sherman and apprehending the real saboteur.

There’s Something Under My Bed 

This written story by Joe Harris with art by Adam Pollina and Guillermo Zubiaga was published in BPRD: There ‘s Something Under My Bed (November 19, 2003).

In the story when young Bobby McKenna becomes the latest child to be kidnapped by a demon called Charlie who lives under the beds in Masonville , Pennsylvania , Corrigan sends Sapien, Sherman, Kraus and Roger to look over the rest of the town’s children. Sapien hides in a closet to confront Charlie and is teleported to where the children are being held. Charlie turns on his boss when he threatens to eat the children and Sherman arrives in time to rescue Sapien and the kids.

Another Day at the Office 

This short story, written by Mike Mignola with art by Cameron Stewart , premiered in this collection.

In the story Sapien, Krauss and Agent Turner from the London Office arrives in Bolgrad , Moldavia in the aftermath of a zombie attack That Lead Them to a 15th-century chapel Where latent psychic Robert Huntley has-been possessed by the spirit of bloodthirsty tyrant and national hero Count Yegor Kurya who they quickly dispatch.

Collected Editions

Trade Paperback

The stories were collected into a trade paperback :

  • BPRD: The Soul of Venice & Other Stories
    (128 pages, August 25, 2004, ISBN  978-1-59307-132-5 )

BPRD Omnibus Edition

The trade was later collected as part of the Plague of Frogs cycle in the BPRD Omnibus format, along with Hollow Earth & Other Stories and BPRD: Plague of Frogs . This format is available in both versions and paperback editions.

  • BPRD Plague of Frogs – Volume 1
    (408 pages, January 19, 2011, ISBN  978-1-59582-609-1 ) [2]


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