BPRD: The Black Flame

BPRD: The Black Flame is the fifth trade paperback collection in the BPRD series.

Publication history

BPRD: The Black Flame is a six-issue BPRD comic book miniseries , written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi with art by Guy Davis and published by Dark Horse comics . Mike Mignola. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Later, when this story would be collected in BPRD Plague of Frogs – Volume 2 , the first issue would be one of War on Frogs , and the third issue of War on Frogs would be the epilogue for The Black Flame . This was to make a better reading order. [8]


Chapter 1

Daimio, Liz, Johann, Roger and a host of BPRD soldiers battle hordes of frogs underground. Roger has become quite adept in battle, mimicking Daimio. When they find a nest, Liz burns it. Further underground, a figure from the Zinco Corporation collects the few tadpoles that escaped. [7]

Chapter 2

At the Zinco Corporation, Mr. Pope, the head of the company, is pouring money into research and development to learn about the frogs. The frogs show a great deal of intelligence, and have learned to talk and write.

Meanwhile, Abe has not returned to the field since the incident Crab Point in Plague of Frogs . In British Columbia, Roger shows his skills as a leader by a frog ambush.

Using the frogs he has raised and trained, Mr. Pope donates the outfit of a NAZI war criminal, The Black Flame , and goes out among the frogs in the wild.

In Montana, Liz is approached by an elderly woman who gives her a flower. Shortly afterwards, Liz passes out. [7]

Chapter 3

Liz has a vision of a shadowy figure , warning her that the situation with the frogs is much worse than she can imagine. Liz awakens in a hospital bed, coughing up a balled-up piece of parchment. Professor O’Donnell sees the parchment which mentions Katha-Hem, a creature that will dwarf Sadu-Hem (the creature unleashed in Seed of Destruction and Plague of Frogs ). Liz goes to speak to Daimio, interrupting some kind of therapy he’s undertaking. Liz the “therapist” has mysteriously disappeared as soon as he was never there.

At the Zinco Corporation, Mr. Pope begins a ceremony that ignites true black flame on him.

In Ontario Roger is leading another attack against the frogs in a factory. After the battle, he sees the Black Flame watching him, then the factory explodes. All the BPRD soldiers are killed and ruined by the remaining fragments of Roger’s body. [7]

Chapter 4

Liz is devastated by Roger’s death and moves into his room. Johann is alarmed by the manner in which Roger’s remains are treated by the BPRD

Liz’s visions of the shadowy figure continues, trying to shake her from her grievance and into action.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, The Black Flame leads the frogs into battle. Abe finally decided to return to the field. The Black Flame learns that the frogs were only used to summon Katha-Hem. In the battle that ensues, Abe is knocked unconscious. [7]

Chapter 5

Abe awakens to find The Black Flame crouching over him, confessing to have made a mistake. The creature, Katha-Hem, attacks the city of Lincoln. Realizing the figure in her visions seems to know about Katha-Hem, Liz allows Johann to put her into a trance so that she can talk to him. This time Liz sees the figure clearly, a robed man covered in snakes. He shows his hope that Liz will “see”. Liz awakens from the trance in realization. In Roger’s room she finds the Shaman Roger’s device recovered in Born Again . [7]

Chapter 6

Johann, Abe, Liz and Daimio prepare themselves to attack Katha-Hem. Katha-Hem has been spewing masses of mist into Lincoln, transforming the city’s population into monsters. When the BPRD attacks, Liz has a vision of a Hyperborean shaman holding the same device Roger found in Born Again . As the shaman songs, Liz copies his words, and the device becomes alive with energy. Liz releases the energy into Katha-Hem, destroying it.

The Black Flame, Liz and approaches, but it is taken by the frogs and dragged away.

In BPRD Headquarters, Roger’s body begin dissecting. When Johann learns of this, he is outraged and scares the scientists away. He then sits alone with the remains of his friend. [7]

Collected Editions

Trade Paperback

The trade paperback includes a sketchbook with art by Guy Davis:

  • BPRD: The Black Flame
    (168 pages, July 12, 2006, ISBN  978-1-59307-550-7 )

BPRD Omnibus Edition

The trade was later collected as part of the Plague of Frogs cycle in the BPRD Omnibus format, along with BPRD: The Dead and BPRD: War on Frogs . This format is available in both versions and paperback editions.

  • BPRD Plague of Frogs – Volume 2
    (480 pages, August 17, 2011, ISBN  978-1-59582-672-5 ) [8]


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