Boneyard (comics)

Boneyard was an American quarterly comic book series created by Richard Moore , published by NBM Publishing , which ran 28 issues from 2001 to 2009. It is currently on hiatus.

Publication history

There are currently 28 issues of Boneyard which have been published as a quarterly comic book title. In addition a year-numbered Swimsuit Special Was released from entre 9 and 10. Every four are from the file Managed Then into a trade paperback qui are expected to REMAIN in print for the future foreseeable. Currently all issues are available in seven black and white collections. Color reprints are also available for the first four collections, and have been announced for the future of trade paperbacks and will replace the current black and white pressings when the print run is sold. Issue 28 of the series, untimely, has been delayed “… [d] ue to personal reasons” and finally shipped in May 2009. A new installment had begun in 2013 with “The Biggening”.


A horror / comedy comic, the series begins with Michael Paris, an ordinary young man who has inherited a large plot of land on his grandfather’s death. The land is located in a town called “Raven’s Hollow”, and while Michael, or Paris as he prefers to be called, thinks he’s just going to pick up the check for the land, he finds that the land is actually the town graveyard, called “The Boneyard”. It’s also empty of active occupants, as a number of mythological creatures inhabit it.


Boneyard residents

  • Michael Paris – An ordinary young man who has just been on the bad end of a break up, he did not know what he was getting into when he received the Boneyard. He has seemed to be more than just a stranger, and a result, he has been accepted by the other things living there. It is a tendency to try to save the day – which often fails to miserably – and it often gets people out of it, typically Abbey. This film is about Paris and the Boneyard crew is one of the most important things in the history of Paris when it comes to nightmare. Paris rose to the challenge and fought a pitched battle that requires all his wits and ferocity to survive and save his friends.
  • Abbey – Made a vampire two thousand years ago, Abbey is the oldest and most powerful resident of the Boneyard. She mostly hides this side of herself, and typically comes off a witty, normal girl. She is romantically interested in Paris, as judged from her reactions to Nessie trying to flirt with him; but she cares about everyone at the Boneyard has a great deal. Considering it animalistic and barbarous, Abbey is embarrassed by her vampiric side, to the point that she will be in danger herself to avoid using it. When she is forced to go all-out, she becomes more fearsome, with glowing red eyes and wide fangs. Abbey also possesses the traditional vampire powers – some degree of shape-changing , superhuman strengthand durability, and an astonishing regenerative ability . It also has the traditional vulnerabilities, and the Boneyard’s nearly perpetual black cloud keeps the sun from being a problem. For events such as a trip to the beach, she resorts to very powerful sunscreen.
  • Nessie – An amphibious , oversexed being similar in shape to the Creature from the Black Lagoon , she is very flirtatious, and has no problem using her D-cup breasts to get what she wants. She is much more wild than Abbey, which causes a great deal of strife between the two. She is married to Brutus, and cheats on him. It has-been Revealed That Nessie’s flirtatious ways-have roots in Their traumatic experiences and sexually abuse she Suffered When She Was captured and Placed in a freak show When She Was younger.
  • Brutus – Nessie’s husband, Brutus is the silent member of the Boneyard, never saying anything more than grunts and growls. Nessie refers to him at his point. He is similar in appearance to Frankenstein’s monster , with stitch-lines and bolts in his neck. Due to his silence, he is not terribly bright, not terribly small, and not terribly weak.
  • Glump – A minor demon serving a period of exile on the mortal plane for wrongdoing in the pits of Hell – apparently, he did something nice. Now, he seeks to enslave humanity and take over the world to prove that he is up to the task of being a demon. Tragically for Glump, he’s not very good at understanding nor understanding human motivation, and usually succeeds only in making a mess or an inconvenience for the others in the graveyard. Glump is also secretly a Trekkie with a particular affinity for Mr. Spock , and for reasons unknown, he is terrified of socks.
  • Sid – An animated skeleton who is perpetually smoking a cigar , and is also rather grumpy. He may be more of a sex fender than Nessie is, but appears to lack the anatomy to fulfill his desire. He mainly deals with magazines and inflatable (skeletal) dolls. It is implied that Sid was a live human, as his anatomy (as drawn) does not match normal human physiology; for example, he has no shoulder blades. With nothing binding his bones together, Sid is prone to being scattered into his room pieces. It is easy to put back together, however, as it does not seem to be in the wrong place.
  • Ralph – A werewolf who never transmutes back into human form. Ralph rarely removes his sunglasses, though he has done so to help a lady in need, such as when she was caught out on a sunny day, or to look at her eyes. Like many (most?) Other Boneyard inhabitants, Ralph appears to have a guilty secret in his past. Ralph is an excellent mechanic and has repaired Paris ” completely wrecked ”: invariably, the car is quickly totaled again.
  • Hildy – A kind-hearted and tough-skinned old Scottish witch . Her silly appearance belies her inner strength and wisdom as well as her own emotional vulnerability.
  • Scratch – Little is known of this long-legged cat, other than that he appears to be at least one of his nine lives left. He spends most of his time in the catatonic state.
  • Edgar – A talking raven, named after Poe . He appears to have some prehensile wings and some form of ESP . Edgar habitually wears glasses, or his beak or around his neck.
  • Nightcrawler – Combining a long, snake-like body with a six-eyed head (and three pairs of sunglasses), Nightcrawler is probably the most extraordinary Boneyard resident. He spends most of his time underground, digging his way through the soil. Exactly who or what is not clear? he appears to have telekinetic powers, a useful ability given that he has no hands or limbs of any kind. When first introduced, he claims to be an incredibly powerful and evil entity, but no further details are given.
  • Bob – While this character HAS yet to be seen in the comic, in the letters section Richard Moore HAS Said There Was a contest of sorts going on, the first person to write and ask Who or what Bob Was, Would win. In issue 22, someone finally did, and Bob was revealed to be a giant tarantula with arachnophobia . He pretends he’s a dog, and everyone else plays along to avoid him from freaking out.
  • Mr. Vincent – The resident mortician and chief salesman for the Boneyard, Mr. Vincent appears perpetually dour and serious; he always refers to their full names (Abbigail for Abbey, Vanessa for Nessie, etc.). He appears to be a tall human, always wearing a tuxedo. When business is down, he keeps in practice using Stan.
  • Stan – One of the least active of the characters, Stan is a truly dead (as Opposed to undead ) human corpse That Mr. Vincent uses to keep in Practice During slow periods; embalming , burying and exhuming so he can start again. It was stated in the comic that he had been embalmed so many times, he would probably still be around after a nuclear war, but he would still be dead.
  • Leon and Boris – Considered weird even by other Boneyard residents, the two living stone courgoyles are mostly to be found guarding its front gate. Both have wings, but they are not yet known. Leon is the most exuberant of the two, often seen singing or dancing, while Boris is far more stoic. The scene is perhaps the most important, where they tried their hand at surfing: Leon asserts the ‘traditional’ surfer poses and shouted in glee, Boris sat in his usual pose and grumbled that the sport was overrated, and They have been aware of their surfboard had sunk to the seabed of their solid-rock bodies.


  • Mayor Wormwood – The Mayor Attempts to Woo Paris Bones on the Bone of Honeymoon in Raven’s Hollow, but Paris feels pangs of regret seeing that those living (and not living) on ​​the property would be displaced and have nowhere else go in a world that fears them. When Paris refuses to sell the place, Wormwood reveals its true appearance as Beelzebub , the Lord of Lies and Attempts to terrify Paris into relinquishing the deed to the land. Ultimate this fails and Beelzebub retires to Hell to plot his next moves. It remains untouched as to why Beelzebub so desires the ownership of the Boneyard.
  • Roxanne – A wealthy investor who arrives in town and becomes friendly with Paris despite Abbey’s misgivings. She also fails to meet the wishes of the Arch-fiend Lillith , but the centuries-old demon gives Abbey her vampiric life. Abbey is almost killed in the confrontation and it is only the intervention of her friends (and Paris’ car) that keeps Abbey from being destroyed.
  • The Doomsday frog – One of Glump’s mad attempts at world domination. It remains unclear what the Doomsday frog was capable of, but it gave rise to a hard time, but Glump created a “Doomsday Fly” to defeat it.
  • Jack -The Jack O’Lantern -headed nightmare sent by Lillith to destroy the Boneyard residents. Jack has the ability to force his victim’s worst fears out of their own nightmares. Only Paris, with many strong cups of coffee inside him, is able to be seen when it’s dark.
  • The IRS – After Beelzebub leaves Raven’s Hollow to plot his next attack, the Internal Revenue Service levies Paris with property taxes of over $ 500,000 – far more money than he can anticipate ever having. Several ill-fated schemes are hatched to raise the money for Paris in an attempt to keep the Boneyard’s residents from their home. In reality, the Internal Revenue Service does not collect property taxes, just the federal portion of income, business and excise taxes; property taxes are collected by the local municipalities .
  • The Slasher – Jason Voorhees , though he also used a chainsaw at the Leatherface . This nameless killer haunted Waterlake Camp till Abbey destroyed him. It was revealed that he was a supernatural puppet created by Lillith.

Collected editions

The series has been collected from a number of trade paperbacks :

  • Volume 1 (July 2005, B & W ISBN  1561634271 )
  • Volume 2 (December 2006, B & W ISBN  1561633690 )
  • Volume 3 (2004, B & W ISBN  1561634050 / color ISBN  978-1-56163-515-3 )
  • Volume 4 (June 2008, B & W ISBN  1561634247 / color ISBN  978-1-56163-528-3 )
  • Volume 5 (x 200x, B & W ISBN  1-56163-479-4 )
  • Volume 6 (November 2007, ISBN  1-56163-510-3 )
  • Volume 7 (July 2010, ISBN  1-56163-583-9 )


  • Book of the Year 2005 Gold Medal in Graphic Novels from ForeWord magazine . [1]


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