Bayou Arcana

Bayou Arcana: Songs of Loss and Redemption is a graphic novel anthology of 11 stories created by a team of male writers and female artists, [1] first published in 2012. It draws heavily on the United States’ ‘ Southern Gothic ‘ tradition of mysticism in both the storytelling themes and visual art. [2] Much of the stories’ content is also related to cultural issues of oppression and retribution in the context of the history of Southern United States


  • The Tale of Ol ‘Mercy – story: Jimmy Pearson, art: Valia Kapadai (10 pages)
  • Comfort and Joy – story: Darren Ellis, art: Davina Unwin (11 pages)
  • Irons in the Fire – story: Corey Brotherson, art: Jennie Gyllblad (11 pages)
  • True Reflections – story: Steve Tanner, art: Alex Thompson (10 pages)
  • Tohopoka – story: Alexi Conman, art: Vicky Stonebridge (12 pages)
  • Promises – story: Matt Gibbs, art: Sara Dunkerton (6 pages)
  • Small World – story: Matthew Craig, art: Dani Abram (14 pages)
  • Grinder Blues – story: Jimmy Pearson, art: Lynsey Hutchinson (11 pages)
  • Swamp Pussy and the Hanged Man – story: Cy Dethan, art: Nic Wilkinson (12 pages)
  • Six Bullets – story: Jimmy Pearson, art: Patricia Echavarri-Riego (12 pages)
  • The ‘Skeeter – story: Jimmy Pearson, art: Jenny Clements (12 pages)


Bayou Arcana is an attempt to increase gender equality in the comic industry. According to The Guardian , “The anthology is the product of an experiment that brings together an all-female team of artists with an all-male team of writers and is an illustration of how a new generation of female artists and readers is radically changing the face of comics. ” [3]

5 of the artists, and 3 of the writers will be attending the Kapow 2012 comic convention as members of an interview panel [4] which has been commented on by the press as another positive step for women in the comic industry. [5]


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