Batman / Hellboy / Starman

Batman / Hellboy / Starman is a DC Comics / Dark Horse Comics two-issue intercom crossover comic book mini-series written by James Robinson with art by Mike Mignola published January 1, 1999 featuring fictional heroes Batman , Hellboy and Starman . [1]

Publication history


Issue # 1 Gotham Gray Evil 

Issue one was published January 1999 with a cover by Mike Mignola.

In the story when Golden Age Starman, Ted Knight , is kidnapped by neo-Nazi skinheads, while giving a read on alternative energy sources, Batman and Hellboy team-up to rescue him. The duo eventually leads a group of leaders in the field of Dantz escaped with the prisoner on board a small plane. Hellboy vows to go after him Batman is called away to deal with an escaped Joker so Ted’s his new Starman, Jack Knight , join the mission.

Issue # 2 Jungle Green Horror 

Issue two was published February 1999 with a cover by Tony Harris .

Batman bids farewell as Hellboy and Starman Bruce Wayne ‘s board for the trip to the Amazon Rainforest and as soon as they get out of their plane under the fire. Once they enter the defenses they learn that Dantz is using Knight’s scientific knowledge to reanimate the demonic Suggor Yogeroth. Hellboy invokes an ancient Lemurian incantation to dispel the demon and the duo are able to drive back and release the captive Knight.


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