Army of Darkness (comics)

Army of Darkness comics are based is the movie of the Sámi name published Originally By Dark Horse Comics , and later by Dynamite Entertainment Who INITIALLY published em through Devil’s Due Publishing .

The stories follow the adventures of the Evil Dead series , Ash Williams , and HAS included a number of crossovers with a wide variety of characters Such as, Marvel Zombies , Darkman , Freddy Krueger , Jason Voorhees , Dracula , Xena , Danger Girl , and Re -Animator .

First series

Movie adaptation (# 1-3)

In 1992, Dark Horse published an adaptation of the film with the original ending intact. John Bolton adapted from the script by Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi , in addition to providing the artwork.

It was published as a mini-series and three Was released after as a trade paperback by Dynamite in 2006 ( ISBN  0-9749638-3-6 ).

Ashes 2 Ashes (# 1-4)

  • Originally published in : Army of Darkness: Ashes 2 Ashes # 1-4 (July 2004 – October 2004)
  • Plot outline : The plot picks up right at the end of the film, where the wizard of the Army of Darkness goes to Ash’s times to tell him he’s still in his right time. first Evil Dead. Now he once again faces the evil in the woods and encounters his self with the present, and along with the Wizard of the Earth. While trying to destroy the book, the Evil Ash is resurrected, in a final battle Ash is able to destroy Evil Ash and his army with the help of the medieval warriors of Arthur’s court of the 3rd film and sheila Sheila, after the end of the battle everyone goes to their respective timeline but Ash leaves the book behind, forgetting to destroy it. [1]

It was written by Andy Hartnell , with art by Nick Bradshaw .

It was a four-issue mini-series, collected as a trade paperback which was released in late February 2005 ( ISBN  0-9749638-9-5 ).

Shop till You Drop Dead (# 1-4)

Main article: Shop till You Drop Dead

This story starts where Ashes 2 Ashes ends.

It was written by James Kuhoric , with art by Nick Bradshaw and Sanford Greene .

It was a furnace mini-series outcome, file Managed as a trade paperback qui Was released in November 2006 ( ISBN  1-933305-26-6 ).

Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator (vol.1) # 1-4

A crossover with Herbert West from HP Lovecraft’s short story, ” Herbert West-Reanimator ” and well-known from the movie Re-Animator and its sequels.

This story starts where Shop Till You Drop Dead ends.

This was published as issue # 1-4 of the ongoing Army of Darkness series. The trade was released in late October 2006 ( ISBN  1-933305-13-4 ).

Old School (Vol.1) # 5-7

Ash returns to the cabin in the woods in an attempt to stop the evil at its source.

This was published as issue # 5-7 of the series. It was published in September 2006 ( ISBN  1-933305-18-5 ).

Ash vs. Dracula ( Ash vs. the Classic Monsters ) (vol.1) # 8-11

Ash must face Dracula, who wants to use the power of the Necronomicon to plunge the world into eternal night. Introduces Dynamite’s new character: Eva Daughter of the Dragon.

This was originally published in the series # 8-11. The trade paperback collects the Ash vs. Dracula series and The Death of Ash .

The Death of Ash (vol.1) # 12-13

The story starts where Ash vs. Dracula ends up and leads up to Marvel vs. Zombies. The Army of Darkness .

It was published as issues # 12-13 of the ongoing series.

Second series

From The Ashes (vol.2) # 1-4

Ash vs. Evil Ash Prime and his many mutants and monsters in a post-apocalyptic world. # 1 August 2007. It was a four story story arc. [2]

The Long Road Home (vol.2) # 5-8

A four story story that will follow the aftermath of Ash defeating Evil Ash and his quest (with Sheila by his side) to repair the damage to the world.

Home Sweet Hell (vol.2) # 9-12

A four-issue story-arc taking place after “The Long Road Home” written by James Kuhoric and Mike Raicht featuring Ash, having lost his memories and status as the “Chosen One”, battling demons. [3]

King For A Day (vol.2) # 13

Ash heads back to 1300 AD to find a way to destroy the book of the dead Lord Arthur’s death.

Hellbillies and Deadnecks (vol.2) # 14-17

Montezuma’s Revenge (Vol.2) # 18

The Necronomicon transports Ash to Mexico, where he’s forced to stop an old god who has been revived.

Water, Water, Everywhere … (vol.2) # 19

A special self-contained story from writer Mike Raicht, joined here by artist Pablo Marcos. This storyline was originally untitled, but it was named in the Army of Darkness Volume 3. Ash finds love with a woman named Georgia, only to find she’s a murderous person. Ash leaves her and prevents a deadly outbreak.

Ashley J. Williams Goes to Europe # 20-21

In Europe, Ash meets a dog named Brad, a protector and learns that is a line of protectors, who protect the areas of the world. He also found that many of the chosen ones before being taken over by Hell’s Prophet, and have been the cause of many disasters throughout history. The only thing that has stopped Hell’s Prophet is the League of Light. Ash and Brad Hell’s Prophet takes him over.

Ash and the League of Light # 22-27

Ash travels to different continents of the world recruiting other protectors to help him defeat Hell’s Prophet, which has possessed him. Unbeknownst to him, the very people he is gathering may be up to his death, as it is foretold the protectors must kill him.

Ash dies, his new League of Light Fails to stop Hell’s Prophet from taking over the world to go to hell. Five years later, a time machine is made by the last surviving members of the League of Light, as they go back in time and stop The ghost of future Ash warns his past self in a note on what to do, and he saves the world; causing everything to snap back to normal.

Third series

Army of Darkness (Vol.3) # 1-13

Ash has become a Deadite Hunter for hire, fighting the evil all over the world. He also meets his female counterpart from another universe: Ashley K. Williams, saves his younger self from Deadites in the 1970s, and avenges his grandfather’s death at the hands of 1920’s Gangsters.

Fifth Series

Furious Road # 1-6

20 years from “now”, Evil Ash (now going by the name of The General) has taken over the world, and both humans and supernatural monsters must team-up to the destruction of modern civilization, but there’s only one problem, they need the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, but it’s guardian, has 50+ year old Ash Williams, is not willing to work with monsters.

Ash and the Army of Darkness Series

Dynamite comics announced a reboot of their Army of Darkness line in 2013, starting with this new series.

Ash and the Army of Darkness (# 1-8, Annual 2014)

The story involves Ash and his entire S-Mart department store teleported to 1300 AD to help a Deadite Wise Man retrieve the Necronomicon he lost. After defeating the Deadite Wise Man, Sheila is then possessed and leads her own “Army of Darkness” to take over the world.

Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched (# 1-4)

Picking up from Ash and the Army of Darkness # 8, Ash preparing for his wedding with Sheila by battling The Faceless Man, the most powerful monster he has ever fought.

Ash In Space (Vol.4) # 1-5

Ash misses his honeymoon because he is feeling back to the present day to stop a deadly threat from the International Space Station. Although it is officially labeled as Volume 4, the story is not in the same continuity as the first three volumes.

Evil Dead 2 

In 2015, Space Goat Publishing announced that they had acquired the rights to Evil Dead 2 and would start producing comics based on characters from that movie.

Beyond Dead By Dawn (# 1-3)

This story follows Annie Knowby and a copy of Ash Williams on their journey through the spirit of the Knowby family.

Cradle of the Damned (# 1-3)

Six months after escaping Hell and accidentally unleashing demons upon the Earth, Annie and the copy of Ash are accidentally sucked into the dimensional mirror, where the Dark Ones were banished by The Chosen One.

Tales of The Ex-Mortis (# 1-3)

An anthology series about people in various times and places using the Ex-Mortis Necronomicon for their own personal gain.

Revenge of One-Shots

Space Goat announced that it would be a series of one-shots where Ash would be both real and fictitious villains, the first being Evil Dead 2: The Revenge of Hitler published in March 2016.

Dark Ones Rising (# 1-3)

Ash and Annie accidentally release Cthulhu.

A Merry Deadite X-Mas (One-Shot)

Ash and Annie are summoned to a Deadite-Infested Christmas Theme Park.

Other comics

Tales of Army of Darkness 

A 48-page annual issue including 5 new stories by various writers and artists.

Army of Darkness Sketchbook

A jumbo sized sketchbook published by Devils Due Publishing .

The Evil Dead (# 1-4)

In January 2008 , Dark Horse Comics released a four-issue comic book based on the Evil Dead , which is written by Mark Verheiden , with art by John Bolton.

Ash’s Christmas Horror (one-shot)

A 2008 Christmas special in which Ash tries to stop Evil Ash and a Deadite Santa from destroying Christmas.

Army of Darkness: Ash Saves Obama (# 1-4)

According to writer Elliott Serrano , it is not just a commentary on the many Barack Obama comic books but also “all the other trends that have occurred in comics over the decades.” [4]

Army of Darkness: Ash For President (One-Shot)

Ashley is told by the Necronomicon that one of the three candidates in the 2016 Presidential Election is actually one of the known “The Great Darkness”, and it needs.


Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator (# 1-4)

Although this is a crossover, it is served in the mainstream continuity of the series and will be credited as part of the actual series. Takes place after Shop till You Drop Dead.

Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness (# 1-5)

Main article: Marvel vs. Zombies. The Army of Darkness

A five-issue mini-series crossover with Marvel Comics set in the Marvel Zombies universe, also doubling as an original story for the future Marvel Zombies: Dead Days . Marvel Comics has been designated as the Army of Darkness series as Earth-818793 of the Marvel Comics multiverse

Darkman vs. Army of Darkness (# 1-4)

A crossover with another Sam Raimi movie character, Darkman . It was written by Roger Stern and Kurt Busiek , with art by James Fry. The story features Darkman / Dr. Peyton Westlake’s Julie Love accidentally read the incantations of the Necronomicon, which unleashes a deadly infestation throughout the city and transforms Julie into the Deadite Queen. Helping her friend Brynne Kelly Escape with the book Ashley. Teaming up, the trio take on the army of deadites – led by Darkman ‘s deceased enemy Robert Durant – as they go to the book to help Julie of the evil inside her. The trio succeeding in reversing the effects, freeing Julie and destroying the deadite army.

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash (# 1-6)

Main article: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash

Based on an unused script to a possible movie sequel to Freddy vs. Jason , Wildstorm Comics and Dynamite co-published the story in comic form as the six-issue mini-series Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash . [5]

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors (# 1-6)

Main article: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors

James Kuhoric and Jason Craig, respectively. The story picks up where Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash left off and featured cameos of the Friday 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street franchises.

Army of Darkness / Xena: Why Not? (# 1-4)

A furnace issue mini-series in which Ash travels to Xena’s dimension in order to stop a mini version of himself from destroying that world. [6]

Xena / Army of Darkness: What, Again? (# 1-4)

A second crossover with Xena: Warrior Princess written by Brandon Jerwa and Elliott Serrano. [7]

Army of Darkness / Xena: Forever … And A Day (# 1-5)

The third crossover between the two series Ash encountering Xena during significant periods in her life.

Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness (# 1-6)

A six-hand crossover with IDW Publishing ‘s Danger Girl characters qui Began in April, 2011. [8]

Army of Darkness vs. Hack / Slash (# 1-6)

A six-hand crossover with Devil’s Due Publishing ‘s Cassie Hack Began in July, 2013. Released by Dynamite Entertainment . [9]

Army of Darkness / ReAnimator (One Shot)

Published in October 2013 by Dynamite Entertainment , the issue sees Ash back to a graveyard in the 1920s where he has another encounter with Dr. Herbert West.

Vampirella / Army of Darkness (# 1-4)

A six-part crossover with Vampirella , who Dynamite currently has, in July 2015. Released by Dynamite Entertainment . [10]

Collected editions

The various stories and limited series have been collected into trade paperbacks .

Dynamite are also collecting all the comics in larger omnibus editions:

  • Omnibus, Volume 1 (published in 2010, ISBN  1-60690-100-1 )
  • Omnibus, Volume 2 (collects the next 18 issues, 432 pages, released in April 2012, ISBN  978-1-60690-274-5 )
  • Omnibus, Volume 3 (collects the next 15 issues # 13-27, 360 pages, released in April 2013, ISBN  978-1-60690-397-1 )


  • 2006: Won the ” Best Screen-To-Comic Adaptation ” Spike TV Scream Award [11]
  • 2008: Nominated for the ” Best Scream-To-Comic-Adaptation ” Spike TV Scream Award


On May 11, 2005 it was announced that Dynamite Entertainment would be releasing a model based on J. Scott Campbell’s cover of Army of Darkness: Ashes 2 Ashes # 1. The model was sculpted by Anthony Colella and stands at 13 “tall. [12] It has a limited release of 150 pieces [13] with 50 Artist Proofs being released [14] at a later date. When released Both the AP and Model Held annually MSRP of $ 149.99. [12]

Other comics

These comics either involve Ash Williams or are direct spin-offs of the Army of Darkness series:

  • Re-Animator # 0 (2005): A prelude to the Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator.
  • Eva: Daughter of The Dragon # 1 (One-Shot): Takes place both before and after Army of Darkness: Ash vs. The Classic Monsters .
  • Prophecy # 1-7 (2012): Ash teams-up with other Dynamite Comics characters to save the world in 2012.
  • Reanimator # 1-4 (2015): After leaving Ash behind in 1922 after the events of Army of Darkness / Reanimator (2013), Herbert West returns to the 21st century to perfect his re-animation formula.
  • My Name Is Bruce (One-Shot): Published by Dark Horse Comics, this comic follows actor Bruce Campbell has been kidnapped by a teenager who has accidentally unleashed the Chinese god of war.

See also

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