Angel: After the Fall

Angel: After the Fall , also known as Angel: Season 6 , is a comic book published by IDW Publishing . Written by Brian Lynch and Plotted with Joss Whedon , the series is acanonical continuation of the Angel television series, and follows the events of that show’s final season . [1] [2] Angel: After the Fall Was Prompted by IDW Publishing and Joss Whedon partner after the success of Dark Horse Comics ‘ Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight qui is the official comic continuation of Angel’Mothershow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer . Angel: After the Fall sees the heroic vampire , Angel , copying with the apocalyptic aftermath of the television series after he took over and subsequently betrayed the demonic law firm, Wolfram & Hart . The city of Los Angeles has been awakened by Wolfram & Hart as a result of Angel’s actions. The series follows his efforts to rescue the people he has sworn to protect. The first issue was released on November 21, 2007.

Originally intended as a 12-issue limited series , After the Fall expanded to a 17-issue Angel series. After the Fall Was Then Followed by year Ongoing series, with rotating writers and artists purpose without the input of Joss Whedon. In addition to this, After the Fall has also spawned multiple spin-offs of its own. Spike: After the Fall bridges the gap entre Spike ‘s “First Night” mini bow and his first appearance in After the Fall over from oven. A second five-issue spin-off, Angel: Only Human , picks up after # 23, following Gunn and Illyria . [3]A four-issue mini-series, Spike: The Devil You Know was released, teaming up Spike with Eddie Hope for a story set between Angel issues # 32 and # 33. A fourth four-issue spin-off featuring Illyria, titled Angel: Illyria: Haunted , was released beginning in November 2010. IDW also announced an ongoing Spike title, another “canon” title featuring explicit Buffy Season Eight crossovers. [4]

In the editor’s column in the back of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Riley one-shot released by Dark Horse Comics, editor Scott Allie announced that the Angel comics would return to Dark Horse in late 2011. It was officially announced on August 19, 2010 que le series Would come to an end with a six-issue arc titled “The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart,” and Dark Horse reacquiring the license to publish Angel titles, Beginning with a new line of comics named Angel & Faith ( co-starring Faith , 25 issues) in August 2011, tying in with a launch of Buffy Season Nine . [5] [6] The planned Spikeongoing spin-off has become an eight issue mini-series. [7]

Publication history

Following the success of the Dark Horse Comics ‘ ongoing series Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight , an official continuation to the television series Buffy the Slayer Vampire , creator series Joss Whedon wished to continue the story of Buffy spin-off Angel in the same medium. In September 2006, comic book writer Brian Lynch puts Joss Whedon by chance in a restaurant where he told Whedon about the imminent release of a spin-off comic by himself and artist Franco Urru , Spike: Asylum , published by IDW and based on the character of Spike , a central character in both Buffyand Angel . To Lynch’s surprise, Whedon was thrilled with Spike: Asylum , and Joss felt confident he had found a writer capable of capturing his characters in the new medium, and was impressed with Franco’s unique style. [8] Whedon would later email Lynch, asking to meet again in the same restaurant. Working together, the two plotted the events of a 17-issue limited series for a continuation of the Angel saga, drawing from the elements of Whedon’s plan for a televised season of Angel and several ideas proposed by Lynch. Whedon gave Lynch the freedom to write the series himself, only oversee the project in the role of an executive producer. [9]

Development into an ongoing series

The series later spun off into an Ongoing series, with Kelley Armstrong Taking Over for her run, called Expired Aftermath (# 18-22). Brian Lynch returned for three stories, focusing on Gunn (# 23), Drusilla (# 24-25) (co-written with Juliet Landau ) and Angel & Spike (# 26-27). At the San Diego Comic-Con 2009 it was announced that Eisner Award -winning writer Bill Willingham was taking over as ongoing writer with a six-issue arc named “Immortality for Dummies” launching in December 2009, joined by Brian Denham. Angel is kidnapped by the newly formed ‘Immortality Incorporated’. While Angel fights to escape, his son Connortake over the kidneys of Angel Investigations. [10]Willingham will finish with the series # 38, then David Tischman and Mariah Huehner will write a six-issue bow named “The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart” (# 39-44) that will conclude the Final Angel story arc at IDW Publishingbefore it moves to Dark Horse Comics .


On March 11, 2008, it was announced that there would be a four-issue spin-off titled Spike: After the Fall of July 2008, which will chronicle the time in between the final series of ” Not Fade Away ” and After the Fall , continuing directly from the Angel: After the Fall issue “First Night, Part Three,” focusing on the characters of Spike and Illyria . [11] A second spin-off miniseries, Angel: Only Human , focuses on Gunn and Illyria following the Epilogueboth seek redemption and an opportunity to come to terms with their humanity and the good and evil within them both. [3]

Brian Lynch later announced a second, this-time-ongoing Spike spin-off from the Angel: After the Fall franchise. Spike will be set “a few months” after Spike has left hell, and feature in its supporting cast Groosalugg , Beck from Spike: Asylum , George Betta and Jeremy from Spike: After the Fall . Due to Dark Horse Comics’ character of the Angel character in the Buffy Season Eight storyline ” Twilight “, Whedon allowed Lynch uses Buffy character Willow Rosenberg for his Spike series. Additionally, it is to feature the Supporting Cast Brings Spike Alongside _him_ to Season Eightin ” Last Gleaming ” and a canonical lead-in to Buffy Season Eight , and therefore a spin-off to both. [12]


The premise of the series Is That Los Angeles is feeling the aftermath of hand character Angel Taking a Stand Against the demonic Senior Partners in season five, Who-have retaliated by literally sending Los Angeles to hell. The series picks up some time after the season finale, ” Not Fade Away ” and shows that Wesley remains contractually bound to the sinister Wolfram & Hart and the Partners after his death, Gunn has become a vampire capturing victims under the pretense he is rescuing them, that Angel’s her Connor , ex-girlfriend Nina and old acquaintance Gwenare working to Provide a safehouse for the people of Los Angeles under siege by demons, and That Spikenow lives under the protection of Illyria who is no longer in control of her powers, unpredictably Assuming Fred Burkle ‘s appearance and personality at times. Angel himself, along with a dragon he befriended, is trying his best to remain a champion of good under the circumstances.

Selon Whedon, the lack of budget constraints Allows Angel ‘s world to expand in ways That Were never be with the television series, “It will definitely wears Season 6’s Proposed stories as inspiration, goal it’s not exactly Season 6”. [13]



title Issue # Release date
After the Fall # 1 1 November 21, 2007
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Penciller: Franco Urru
Los Angeles has had a demon war zone for months after Wolfram & Hart literally feels the entire city to hell in retaliation to Angel’s actions in ” Not Fade Away “. Angel, having befriended a dragon , rescues citizens from the destruction and sends them to Connor , Gwen , and Nina for sanctuary. Meanwhile, the deceased Wesley is now an incorporeal representative of Wolfram & Hart, and Gunn has been turned into a vampire .
After the Fall # 2 2 December 19, 2007
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Penciller: Franco Urru
Angel travels to Santa Monica to protect Connor from a demon lord with his Angel killed. Gwen tells Angel that there is a new player in the game, and shows him a phrase written in blood. Angel realizes who the person is and heads to Beverly Hills , where he meets with Spike, who has become lord of the area and lives by a harem of humans and demons. Angel and Spike fight briefly, and Illyria appears in defense of Spike. Meanwhile, Gunn has kidnapped Betta George and reveals that he’s blowing Angel for being sired and wants revenge.
After the Fall # 3 3 January 14, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Penciller: Franco Urru
Angel is attacked by Illyria, and gravely wounded. The Hell is playing with Illyria’s powers, and she is time-skipping as she did in ” Time Bomb “. Connor arrives revealing that he and Spike have been working as partners; Spike’s ” Hugh Hefner ” lifestyle is part of his act. Angel confronts the Lords of Los Angeles, and challenges them to a battle for all of Los Angeles in two days. On the final page, Angel’s inner monologue reveals his wounds are mortal, and he is no longer a vampire.
After the Fall # 4 4 February 20, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Penciller: Franco Urru
At Wolfram and Hart, Angel is healed through mystic songs that fix his mortal wounds. Two demons come and beckon Angel to follow them, while outside, Gunn prepares for an attack on the building. Angel and Wes are taken to the town of Silver Lake, which is ruled by their old ally Lorne , who notified them of his neutral stance regarding the upcoming battle. After Angel has a meeting with Groosalugg , Gunn and his vampire minions plant a bomb in the empty Wolfram and Hart building, completely destroying it. Wesley’s ghost fades away as Angel prepares for the battle ahead.
After the Fall # 5 5 March 19, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Penciller: Franco Urru
Wesley has been transported to a void, where he has an argument with a disembodied voice over his role of being the last representative of Wolfram and Hart. Angel’s allies consider their options with Spike being the most vocal about his desire to depart. The battle begins with Angel and all his friends at his side, thanks to Lorne’s last minute rousing. Spike asks Angel for help regarding Illyria , as Wesley is returned from Hell and joins his companions.Spike reveals he never would have come to help Angel had he known Wesley would be there. Illyria turns her attention to the scene, Wesley’s arrival records, and reverts to Fred .
First Night, Part 1 # 6 6 April 2, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Pillow: Tim Kane, David Messina , Stephen Mooney and John Byrne
Bookended by images of George Betta in captivity, the ‘First Night’ stories of Spike, Connor, and Lorne are presented in three sections. In the first section, Spike switches from self-congratulation and thoughts of retirement to innocent defenses-including Illyria, who initially appears as Fred. The second segment displays Connor ‘s internal conflict as it is rejoining the fight, and is then inevitably drawn into it. The third section is presented in a cartoonish rhyming style, showing Lorne’s path from Lindsey’s murder to becoming lord of Silver Lake.
First Night, Part 2 # 7 7 May 7, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Penciller: Tim Kane, Nick Runge and Stephen Mooney
The second ‘First Night’ is based on Wesley’s after-death awareness. She pretends to be Fred, but Wesley is not fooled. The scene then shifts to Connor’s situation; Kate Lockley arrives, armed to the teeth, and “rescues” Connor, taking him to her well-armed air. In the present day, Betta George is still held captive by Gunn’s lackeys, and it is shown that Gunn’s vampires have been training against captive Slayers .
First Night, Part 3 # 8 8 June 11, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon and Scott Tipton Penciller: Tim Kane, Fabio Mantovani, Kevyn Schmidt and Mirco Pierfederici
In the first section, Gwen is making out with a guy on the beach when Los Angeles is thrown into Hell. The change in scenery has caused the device regulating her power to stop working, causing her to accidentally electrocute her male companion. In the second section, a crazy guy is preaching about the end of the world when Los Angeles is sent to Hell. Finally, Gunn wakes up in a vampire’s air to discover he’s been sired. Learning the vampires are leading the way.
After the Fall # 9 9 June 18, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Penciller: Nick Runge
Angel and his friends defeat the Lords of LA, who misunderstood the true purpose of the Hagan Shafts. Lorne becomes the new Lord of all Los Angeles, while Angel goes back to the Hyperion Hotel to do what he does best: help people. Connor makes his feelings for Gwen known to Angel. Wesley takes Fred to his corpse, where she reverts to Illyria, who reveals that Fred is still within her.
After the Fall # 10 10 July 2, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Penciller: Nick Runge and David Messina
Angel has a comic book-esque dream where a superhero version of Spike is protecting the city while the mortal Angel is now an old man. Spike is left looking after Wesley. Angel, Connor, Gwen, Nina, and Illyria vampire question over who killed the lord in # 1. Illyria reveals to Connor, Gwen, and Nina that Angel is now human. Realizing that Illyria knew how to be able to detect power, Angel tells Illyria to use her ability to search for the vampires “sitting on the power”. Gunn has Betta George attacked by slayers, and eventually, has desperate George uses his ability to mentally freeze them. Gunn then has George, but George is surprised to learn that Gunn has tricked him; Los Angeles going to Hell has been covered up. However, Betta George has also contacted Angel for help. Angel arrives, ready to attack, after Illyria detected Gunn’s gang, “vampires atop a structure brimming with power”. Angel is horrified, however, upon recognizing Gunn in their midst.
After the Fall # 11 11 August 13, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Penciller: Nick Runge
Angel sends Fred away with Nina on the dragon, while he tries to rescue Gunn. As Angel discovers that Gunn is now a vampire and his own life is in peril, Connor, Spike, and Gwen return on the dragon to help with the rescue mission. Gunn reveals his visions to Angel, then uses a magical talisman to reverse the spells on Angel: his glamor and all the healing spells. Angel lies bleeding, broken, and dying as the cavalry arrives, only to be shocked by Gwen’s apparent betrayal.
After the Fall # 12 12 September 4, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Penciller: Stephen Mooney and Nick Runge
Connor and Spike confront Gwen on her betrayal. Wesley is taken from headquarters to the scene of Angel’s impending death, which spurs Fred’s transformation into Illyria as she approaches the scene of a battle between Gwen and the dragon, whose name is revealed as Cordelia. On another plane, Angel is reunited with an apparition of Cordelia, meaning to ease his transition. Wesley arrives and confronts Gunn with information from the Senior Partners: the visions are their own, and they have wrought is part of a larger plan for Angel. He reveals Angel (and Angel alone) is still entitled to the future in the Shanshu prophecy, and delivers Angel to glimpse of it. Angel sees an image of himself as a vampire surrounded by dozens of dead bodies in the aftermath of an apocalyptic battle. This vision however, leads Angel to resign himself to death.
After the Fall # 13 13 October 22, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Penciller: Stephen Mooney
Spike finds Gunn’s captured Slayers, but they are overpowered and he is slain. The Senior Partners send their larger army (legions of dragons) to the scene of the rooftop fray, and Cordelia the dragon is killed. Gwen, seeking atonement, sacrifices herself to destroy the legion in an electrical discharge. Connor makes his way into the building and defeats Gunn in combat, kicking him through the window. Connor’s pleads to a dying Angel and helps him realize that he would never become a soulless vampire again; Cordelia’s spirit bids Angel farewell after reassuring him of his status as a champion of good. While the group desperately encourages Angel to keep fighting and surviving, Spike re-emerges seemingly alive, Slayers who killed him. Gunn, on the streets, Illyria encounters and through feigning sadness and remorse,
After the Fall # 14 14 November 19, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Penciller: Stephen Mooney
A new demon army arrives in Los Angeles and takes Angel’s body so that Angel can be resurrected to fulfill the prophecy. The source of Spike’s own seemingly impossible resurrection is revealed to a five-minute time used by Gunn to train his vampires against Slayers. Groosalugg and his black pegasus, also named Cordelia, slay many of Wolfram & Hart’s dragons. Gunn manages to successfully restore Illyria to her original demonic form, with the intention of being fully restored to the world. However, George looks within the eyes of the eye.
After the Fall # 15 15 December 17, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Penciller: Franco Urru
Illyria continues trying to unmake everything, believing that Fred would want to end everyone’s suffering. She lashes out and kills Groosalugg and many of the Spikettes. Gunn mortally wounds Connor and is defeated, but not killed, by Angel. Angel comes up with a plan to stop Illyria. Betta George focuses Spike and Wesley’s memories of Fred in her mind, which paralyzes her long enough for Wolfram & Hart’s demon avatars to take her out. Connor tells Angel not to let them win and then dies.
After the Fall # 16 16 January 21, 2009
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Penciller: Franco Urru
Angel provokes Gunn into the realm of the Senior Partners’ plans hinge on keeping himself alive. Angel’s death causes the Senior Partners to reverse time to the moment before Los Angeles is feeling into Hell, with everyone retaining memories of their time in Hell. While Spike and a now-humanoid Illyria attempt to hold off the demon army, a revamped Angel saves Gunn from being sired. Wolfram & Hart’s The Los Angeles branch has completely vanished. After meeting and resurrected several times in their lives, Angel realizes that he and his team are now publicly recognized in their roles in saving the city.
After the Fall # 17 17 February 11, 2009
Writer: Brian Lynch with Joss Whedon Penciller: Franco Urru
One month has passed. Angel and Nina researches the mystery of the Wolfram & Hart building at the public library (a wing of which has been renamed for Fred and Wesley). Angel leaves Cordelia the dragon in the care of Groosalugg as part of an attempt to reclaim his anonymity. Meanwhile, Spike rescues Betta George from one of the resurrected Lords of Hell, who warns him that the Lords want revenge against Angel and plan to do it by striking against the ones close to him. Realizing who the first target is, Angel, Spike, and George rush to the aid of Gunn (who is in a coma), but Illyria is revealed to be single-handedly protecting him. This allows Angel to peacefully visit Gunn in his hospital room Gunn took while in Hell. Leaving Gunn with Angel Investigations Card, Angel walks off into the night,

Continuing series

title Issue # Release date
# 18: Aftermath, Part 1 18 February 25, 2009
Writer: Kelley Armstrong Penciller: Dave Ross
After the Fall was followed by a five-issue storycat titled Aftermath starting in # 18; Two weeks after the finale of “After the Fall”, the story will focus on the characters dealing with the events of issue # 17. Novelist Kelley Armstrong ( The Summoning ) comes to explore the many repercussions following the explosive Angel # 17. Artist Dave Ross also comes to present the first chapter of “Aftermath,” which we learn who lived, who died, and who will be forever changed from the experience. Kelley Armstrong will write the arc, with Brian Lynch writing another continuation. [14]
# 19: Aftermath, Part 2 19 March 18, 2009
Writer: Kelley Armstrong Penciller: Dave Ross
As Angel and the remaining survivors of their sojourn to their journey to their lives again and again, they must also contend with the threat of a deadly Lord, a mysterious cat-change and a winged being …
# 20: Aftermath, Part 3 20 April 22, 2009
Writer: Kelley Armstrong Penciller: Dave Ross and George Freeman
Angel’s attempts to return to normal by the cat-changer Dez. But who is she, and where does she come from? Find out here, who’s more, who is Angel’s angelic visitor from beyond, and who feels here? – comes to light.
# 21: Aftermath, Part 4 21 May 20, 2009
Writer: Kelley Armstrong Penciller: Stefano Martino
The aftermath of the city’s return to hell continues to plague Angel, leading to a confrontation with the Powers-That-Be and some winged visitors from beyond the pale, even as Connor and Gwen face off with Dez.
# 22: Aftermath, Part 5 22 June 17, 2009
Writer: Kelley Armstrong Penciller: Dave Ross
With the ‘Angels’ help, team Angel is able to release ‘Angels’ but at what cost?
# 23: After the Fall-Epilogue: Become What You Are 23 July 1, 2009
Writer: Brian Lynch Penciller: Franco Urru
This issue focuses on the character of Gunn and how he went from being comatose in After the Fall # 17 to his aftermath # 18. As Lynch announced: “This one is packed with big shake-ups.” We have a couple of reunions, some fun cameos, characters charting new journeys, and Franco and I tell a little tale that serves as a wonderful capper to the AFTER THE FALL storyline. ” [15]
# 24: Drusilla, Part 1 24 August 5, 2009
Writer: Brian Lynch and Juliet Landau Penciller: Franco Urru
This issue is the return of Drusilla to the Angelverse. Set just before the Fall, we find Drusilla contained in a mental institution. Why is she there, and what will happen when she fights back?
# 25: Drusilla, Part 2 25 September 16, 2009
Writer: Brian Lynch and Juliet Landau Penciller: Franco Urru
Continuing from the massacre at the end of the last issue, Drusilla starts to have visions. But are they real?
# 26: Boys and Their Toys, Part 1 26 October 7, 2009
Writer: Brian Lynch Penciller: Stephen Mooney
At ‘Sci-Fi San Diego Fest’ Angel sees how Hollywood views the events of ‘After the Fall’. But he is there for more serious reasons – the ‘Flaming Sword’ Who wants it most and why? Spike turns up, curious about the movie, and the two vamps are forced to take on each other’s identities to get rid of getting into the wrong hands. But when Chaos reigns – will Spike make a better Angel than Angel?
# 27: Boys and Their Toys, Part 2 27 November 4, 2009
Writer: Brian Lynch Penciller: Stephen Mooney
With a spell in their costumes, Angel must find a way to stop the spell. Spike – who has turned into a caricature of Angel – causes more damage than he can control.
# 28: The Crown Prince Syndrome / A Devil Walks Into a Bar … 28 December 16, 2009
Writer: Bill Willingham and Bill Williams Penciller: Brian Denham and David Messina
An All-New Adventure Begins As Eisner-winning Writer Bill Willingham Takes Angel Down some pretty twisted roads as the group’s (and its leader’s) fame resumes tension and testing loyalties. This issue also first the story of the devil Eddie Hope, which continues through issue # 39.
# 29: Immortality for Dummies / Lucky Number 13 29 January 13, 2010
Writer: Bill Willingham and Bill Williams Penciller: Brian Denham and David Messina
Where has the “hero of LA” gone? While Team Angel Investigations try to figure out how to handle the everyday demons, danger, and evil-doing on their own, Angel’s whereabouts turn out to be part of a seriously sinister conspiracy.
# 30: The Trouble With Felicia / Intermission 30 February 17, 2010
Writer: Bill Willingham and Bill Williams Penciller: Brian Denham and David Messina
Things are not going so well for either of us famously intrepid hero or his “merry” band of assistant heroes. Spike and Gunn finds themselves committing rooftop shenanigans, Connor is in his head back at the office, and Angel is starting to wonder if anyone is going to find him before he dies of boredom. And just what is Connor “chosen” for, anyway?
# 31: The Big Dustup / The Risk of Skipping Ahead 31 March 17, 2010
Writer: Bill Willingham and Bill Williams Penciller: Brian Denham and David Messina
While Connor tries to get under control, a new player steps up, and Illyria decides not to take Angel’s continued absence lying down. Meanwhile, Eddie Hope finds out that being a force for justice has some major consequences.
# 32: Roman A Clef / The Getaway 32 April 28, 2010
Writer: Bill Willingham and Bill Williams Penciller: Brian Denham and David Messina
As more vampires start running around Hollywood, Connor and crew must be on the road to stop the carnage and deal with his merry band of demon girls. Meanwhile, Angel has gotten away with his captors, before learning that things really can get weirder than he thought.
# 33: Letters Home: A Jamesian Interlude / My Dinner With Gunn 33 May 26, 2010
Writer: Bill Willingham and Bill Williams Penciller: Elena Casagrande
Now that Angel is back in the fold, Connor must readjust to life as Chosen One’s sound. Luckily, he has an army of demon women at his beck and call. But nothing could really prepare anyone for what Illyria has in mind.
# 34: Bedroom Follies: Chapter 1 of Connorland / The Long Tale of Gunn 34 June 23, 2010
Writer: Bill Willingham and Bill Williams Penciller: Elena Casagrande
In the Angel family ‘like a father, like her’ takes on a whole new meaning. With prophecies practically falling from the sky, Connor and Angel must figure out how to work together without getting back into bad clothes. Meanwhile, Illyria’s newfound interest in the prodigal is starting to get a little weird and the rest of the team wonders just about Laura Kay Weathermill.
# 35: Prophet for Profit, Part 1: Chapter 2 of Connorland / Gunn Smoked 35 July 28, 2010
Writer: Bill Willingham and Bill Williams Penciller: Elena Casagrande
Sometimes being a ‘chosen’ one really sucks. Which is something? Connor is about to find out when he’s a little band of merry demon warrior No human or supernatural thingie is safe from their swords. Angel knows how to get out of this mess.
# 36: Prophet for Profit, Part 2: Chapter 3 of Connorland / Gunfight 36 August 18, 2010
Writer: Bill Willingham, Bill Williams, David Tischman & Mariah Huehner Penciller: Elena Casagrande and Brian Denham
When LA went to hell, everyone thought things could not get any worse. Well, they were dead wrong. Especially now that the new Big Bad is officially out for blood. Meanwhile, the magical fallout from The Fall continues to get weirder, and Angel finds himself with more than you can.
# 37: Prophet for Profit, Part 3: Chapter 4 of Connorland / Round One 37 September 29, 2010
Writer: Bill Willingham, Bill Williams, David Tischman & Mariah Huehner Penciller: Valerio Schiti and Elena Casagrande
Soul-Eaters. Demon armies. Dusting limbs. Prophecies run amok. The Angel-verse is always a little bit strange. But with Connor’s life in danger, Angel must step up and take back his city. The only problem? It may already be too late!
# 38: Cats in the Cradle: Chapter 5 of Connorland / Knockout Punch 38 October 27, 2010
Writer: Bill Willingham, Bill Williams, David Tischman & Mariah Huehner Penciller: Elena Casagrande
Death. Destruction. Destiny. None of these can compare to the betrayal Team Angel is about to face, the old enemy is about to re-surface, and the epic showdown Angel and Connor are going to have to tackle together. And someone other than the readers finally wonders, just what is the hell is really up with Spike? With this issue Bill Willingham finishes his run on the Angel series.
# 39: The Wolf, the Ram, & the Heart, Part 1 / Sunset 39 November 17, 2010
Writer: David Tischman, Mariah Huehner, and Bill Williams Penciller: Elena Casagrande, Valerio Schiti, and Walter Trono
Now that we have explained everything, Angel and company are looking to get back to what they do best. Except an old enemy with the letters W and H comes back, Angel gets transported, and a whole new can of demony worms is opened. Literally.
# 40: The Wolf, the Ram, & the Heart, Part 2 40 December 15, 2010
Writer: David Tischman and Mariah Huehner Penciller: Jason Armstrong
Angel discovers an old nemesis with a common foe, as James continues to turn Can the enemy of his enemy be his friend, or is he about to get major league betrayed?
# 41: The Wolf, the Ram, & the Heart, Part 3 41 January 26, 2011
Writer: David Tischman and Mariah Huehner Penciller: Stephen Mooney
Angel quickly adapts to his new situation, only to discover that Wolfram and Hart and James are the least of his worries. Meanwhile, Connor and the gang are under attack at the new headquarters of yet another threat!
# 42: The Wolf, the Ram, & the Heart, Part 4 42 February 16, 2011
Writer: David Tischman and Mariah Huehner Penciller: Elena Casagrande and Emanuel Simeoni
Illyria finds Angel in deep trouble, and Angel finds Illyria altered. Wolfram & Hart, and the Big Bad, if they have any hope of rescuing LA Of course, it’s not about that simple, and Illyria must make a sacrifice.
# 43: The Wolf, the Ram, & the Heart, Part 5 43 March 23, 2011
Writer: David Tischman and Mariah Huehner Penciller: Elena Casagrande and Emanuel Simeoni
Time is quite literally running out for Angel. He must stop the big Bad, Wolfram & Hart, and somehow get back to Connor before the becomes a permanent demon farm. Can Illyria help, or is the sacrifice too great?
# 44: The Wolf, the Ram, & the Heart, Part 6 44 April 27, 2011
Writer: David Tischman and Mariah Huehner Penciller: Elena Casagrande
In the final issue, storylines dating back to After the Fall # 1 all together in this explosive last hurray for Angel and his team. Do not miss your chance to say goodbye to the original vampire with a soul.


Spike: After the Fall 

title Issue # Release date
Spike: After the Fall # 1 1 July 16, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch Penciller: Franco Urru
Spinning out of Spike’s First Night story, the first issue of Spike: After the Fall shows Spike and Illyria watching over a group of citoyens. Illyria keeps turning back to Fred, and Spike is forced to keep turning back Illyria to protect her. Spike questions whether he may have feelings for Fred, and the group of women that Spike is with during Angel: After the Fall make their first chronological appearance.
Spike: After the Fall # 2 2 August 6, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch Penciller: Franco Urru
The issue opens with Spike meets the dragon: Spike considers ways of killing it, the dragon communicates that Spike should mount it. Once together, the dragon takes Spike to Wolfram & Hart, where a spike does not recognize is suspended inside an energy field, writhing in pain. Meanwhile, the civilians are at the mercy of the group of women. Spike encounters one, commanders her truck, and finds the hostages, then tries to run down their leader of the group of female demons. She throws Fred in front of the truck, and Fred reverts to Illyria on impact. Illyria and Spike, but their leading drains life from the hostages, turning them into zombies, and Spike and Illyria are subdued. Spike awakens chained in a dark room filled with his zombified wards,
Spike: After the Fall # 3 3 September 17, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch Penciller: Franco Urru
No, the head of the female demons, attempts to bargain with Gunn to return Spike to him. Gunn beats her hero and lets her go her way to kill Spike and all the humans with him. Illyria, but the ax shatters on contact. Illyria breaks free and starts killing all the female demons. Not prepared to kill the last human host before Connor appears and stops her.
Spike: After the Fall # 4 4 October 29, 2008
Writer: Brian Lynch Penciller: Franco Urru
Connor, Spike, and Illyria continue their battle with No. In the midst of the battle, No attempts to feed on Connor, which she realizes is not human, and on which she can not feed. After discovering that it’s not going to be so good.During the confrontation with the demon, she still starts reverting between Fred and Illyria, but finally is able to gather herself and kill the demon. Realizing his plan worked, Spike goes mano a mano with No. After taking a beating from Spike, I do not like the last human hostage that the gang saved to gain some energy back. Illyria realizes this and kills the human, allowing Spike to finish off No. Spike the Lord of Beverly Hills, and the other lords to keep out. Later,

Angel: Only Human 

title Issue # Release date
Angel: Only Human # 1 1 August 12, 2009
Writer: Scott Lobdell Penciller: David Messina
Spinning out of the events of Angel # 23 , Gunn and Illyria embarked on their very own five-part miniseries. Fully restored in body if not in mind, Illyria-infected with humanity-and-Gunn-infected with darkness-hit the road in an attempt to find redemption, or die trying.
Angel: Only Human # 2 2 September 9, 2009
Writer: Scott Lobdell Penciller: David Messina and Emanuela Lupacchino
They consider themselves the purest strain of demons they are the scourge! This race of demon supremacists are determined to liberate an enslaved Old One from the nether-bowels of … Texas! Fortunately Illyria and Gunn are on hand to make sure that does not happen. That is, if it’s not distracted by a passionate kiss from Fred’s long ago!
Angel: Only Human # 3 3 October 14, 2009
Writer: Scott Lobdell Penciller: David Messina
Another Old Roams the Earth! And do not think he’s going to go easy on Illyria, his ex master. (Considering she’s one who’s enslaved him several hundred years ago, it does not look like a reconciliation is in the cards.)Gunn’s past, revealing the very first time he puts a vampire in his beloved Grandmother’s kitchen.
Angel: Only Human # 4 4 November 18, 2009
Writer: Scott Lobdell Penciller: David Messina
Unlike Illyria, this Old One is in its original form and the resulting battle between the demon lord and its pet stretches from one end of Texas to the other! Ever Wonder just how powerful is it when it’s Angel or Spike or Wesley Whispering sweet restraint in her ear? Meanwhile, Gunn battles The Scourge.
Angel: Only Human # 5 5 December 23, 2009
Writer: Scott Lobdell Penciller: David Messina
As Gunn faces down the last of the scourge and makes a desperate last stand, Illyria faces off with his old “pet,” Baticus. How do you defeat a demon who keeps growing back all his parts? But it’s the gruesome discovery that Gunn makes that could change the entire game.

Spike: The Devil You Know 

title Issue # Release date
Spike: The Devil You Know # 1 1 June 16, 2010
Writer: Bill Williams Penciller: Chris Cross
While out and about (drinking, of course) Spike gets in trouble and has a hellmouths, blood factories, and demons. Just another day in Los Angeles, really. But when devil Eddie Hope gets involved, they could just kill each other before getting to the bad guys.
Spike: The Devil You Know # 2 – The Thundering Hooves of Death 2 July 21, 2010
Writer: Bill Williams Penciller: Chris Cross
Spike and Eddie continues to butt heads, sometimes literally, as they try to figure out what to do about some baby Hellmouths, blood manufacturing, and oh yeah … world destruction.
Spike: The Devil You Know # 3 – The Thunderous Hooves of Death 3 September 1, 2010
Writer: Bill Williams Penciller: Chris Cross and Jose Beroy
Reluctant teammates Spike and Eddie Hope are having a hell of a time getting their demon world out of their newest nemesis and her agenda. They’re also having a hard time strangling each other. But a high-stakes card game, some new Hellmouth problems, and a really big killer demon, could force them to get along in a hurry.
Spike: The Devil You Know # 4 – The Last Demon Standing 4 September 22, 2010
Writer: Bill Williams Penciller: Chris Cross and Jose Beroy
Trading quips along with punches, Spike and Eddie Hope make a last desperate effort to save Los Angeles and stop some hostile demons from setting up shop with their Hellmouths baby. Which is all in a day’s work until something goes horribly wrong.


Main article: Spike (IDW Publishing)

Angel: Illyria: Haunted 

title Issue # Release date
Angel: Illyria: Haunted # 1 1 November 10, 2010
Writer: Scott Tipton and Mariah Huehner Penciller: Elena Casagrande
Reborn out of tragedy, older than time, Illyria has been one of the most mysterious and alien members of Team Angel since her resurrection. Infected with the memories of those who loved Fred, Illyria now struggles with the burden of her guilt. Seeking out help from Angel and Spike, Illyria Behind the Heads of the Past, Facing the Consequences of Being Back.
Angel: Illyria: Haunted # 2 2 December 22, 2010
Writer: Scott Tipton and Mariah Huehner Penciller: Walter Trono
Illyria must complete a task before the Deeper Well, and she needs Spike’s help to do it. What could you get from home when you go home?
Angel: Illyria: Haunted # 3 3 January 26, 2011
Writer: Scott Tipton and Mariah Huehner Penciller: Elena Casagrande
The Deeper Well – something about the name everyone with dread, even Illyria. The last time she was there, she was entombed in essence only, to prisoner. Now she must face the new protector of her and she will be looking for.
Angel: Illyria: Haunted # 4 4 February 16, 2011
Writer: Scott Tipton and Mariah Huehner Penciller: Elena Casagrande
Reclaiming some of what she had lost, Illyria must choose between what she was and who she could become. Her choice comes at a price as well as a final farewell she never thought she’d make.


title Release date
Angel Annual # 1: Last Angel in Hell December 23, 2009
Writer: Brian Lynch Penciller: Stephen Mooney
When LA went to Hell in After the Fall, so did thousands of screenwriters, one of which wrote a movie based on Angel’s experiences there. The first-ever Angel Annual presents an adaptation of Angel’s Works, Hollywood-style, in Angel: The Last Angel in Hell: The Official Movie Adaptation. Mooney presents two movie poster covers, one featuring the real Angel and company, the other with their Hollywood counterparts.
Angel Special: Lorne – The Music of the Spheres March 24, 2010
Writer: John Byrne Penciller: John Byrne
The world is in peril (again)! Only the most unlikely member of Angel’s entourage is able to save the day. A special book-length tribute to the late Andy Hallett and his character, Lorne .
Angel Yearbook May 25, 2011
Writer: Jeff Mariotte , Peter David , Scott Tipton, Elena Casagrande, Patrick Shand, Daniel Roth, Brian Lynch, Chris Ryall Penciller: David Messina , Stephen Mooney, Elena Casagrande, Franco Urru
IDW’s final farewell to the Angelverse is full of the creators who have been telling stories about the vampire with a soul from the very beginning. All new stories by fan-favorite creators IDW’s run! Each tale will be a farewell from the writers and artists who have known him best.

Collected editions

The series has been collected into a number of volumes :

title Issues # Release date ISBN
Angel: After the Fall – Volume One 1-5 July 16, 2008 ISBN  1-60010-181-X (Hardcover)ISBN  1-60010-343-X (Trade Paperback)
Angel: After the Fall – Volume Two: First Night 6-8 September 10, 2008 ISBN  1-60010-231-X (Hardcover)ISBN  1-60010-393-6 (Trade Paperback)
Angel: After the Fall – Volume Three 9-12 March 11, 2009 ISBN  1-60010-377-4 (Hardcover)
Angel: After the Fall – Volume Four 13-17 July 15, 2009 ISBN  1-60010-461-4 (Hardcover)
Angel: After the Fall – Premiere Edition 1-17 March 8, 2011 ISBN  1-60010-861-X (Hardcover)
Angel: Aftermath – Volume Five 18-22 September 9, 2009 ISBN  1-60010-516-5 (Hardcover)
Angel: Last Angel in Hell – Volume Six 23-27, Angel Annual # 1 May 30, 2010 ISBN  1-60010-732-X (Hardcover)
Angel: Immortality for Dummies – Volume One 28-32 July 14, 2010 ISBN  1-60010-689-7 (Hardcover)
Angel: The Crown Prince Syndrome – Volume Two 33-38 December 14, 2010 ISBN  1-60010-789-3 (Hardcover)
Angel: The Wolf, The Ram, and the Heart – Volume Three 39-44 June 21, 2011 ISBN  1-60010-944-6 (Hardcover)
Angel: The End 28-44, Angel Yearbook December 13, 2011 ISBN  1-61377-078-2 (Hardcover)
Spike: After the Fall 1-4 February 11, 2009 ISBN  1-60010-368-5 (Hardcover)ISBN  1-60010-665-X (Trade Paperback)
Angel: Only Human 1-5 February 17, 2010 ISBN  1-60010-597-1 (Trade Paperback)
Spike: The Devil You Know 1-4 December 14, 2010 ISBN  1-60010-764-8 (Trade Paperback)
Angel: Illyria: Haunted 1-4 May 17, 2011 ISBN  1-60010-933-0 (Trade Paperback)
Angel: Season Six, Volume 1 1-12, Spike: After the Fall 1-4 October 29, 2015 ISBN  978-1631404382 (Trade Paperback)
Angel: Season Six, Volume 2 13-27, story “This One Time” from Angel Yearbook, Angel Annual # 1 August 30, 2016 ISBN  978-1631406799 (Trade Paperback)


Initial reviews have the favorable. Troy Brownfield of Newsarama Believed to be the most enjoyable aspect of the first issue. He described the reveal of Gunn as a vampire as “rather startling” and a “new injection of life” for the character. [16] IGN ‘s Bryan Joel believed that the first issue was not as accessible for new readers as that of Buffy Season Eight, claiming that it reads “less like the season premiere of the next season of Angel and more like episode 23 of season 5”. “Whedon’s trademark dialogue is most likely to be intact”, but warned that the elaborate visuals of Angel flying through the hell-bound Los Angeles on a dragon may be too far removed from the television series for some readers. In an “Additional Take” review, Joel’s colleague criticized the dialogue for lack of “the trademark witty banter” and worried that the hellish new setting might be a reality. grounded fantasy series “. [17]

The artwork by Franco Urru was described as “reasonably good” by Brownfield, who asked for the likeness of the characters, Urru’s work lacks sharpness and “the weight of that terrific Tony Harris cover.” [16] IGN believed Urru is talented when he “lets loose” creating demons, but less impressive when it comes to matching characters to their respective actors. [17]

The series has been a success for publisher IDW Publishing, who has made the company’s highest-charting book ever. [18]


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