30 Days of Night: Red Snow

30 Days of Night: Red Snow is a prequel to the comic 30 Days of Night .

Collected editions

    • 30 Days of Night: Red Snow Paperback (published January 15, 2008 ISBN  1-60010-149-6 )



Lilly first appeared in 30 Days of Night unnamed as one of the 19 vampires that attacked Barrow. She was seen in the early attack and later encountered. She later laughed when Vincente killed Marlowe. She was the main antagonist in 30 Days of Night: Red Snow , where her name was revealed to be Lilly. She is the sister of Zurial. In the movie version, she is played by Abbey-May Wakefield


The vampire brother of Lilly that appeared in 30 Days of Night: Red Snow , and the original comic, he was in the movie and played by John Rawls.

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